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A methodology for digital real time simulation of dynamic systems using modern DSPs

ABSTRACT The speedup factor in real time simulation of dynamic systems using multiprocessor resources depends on: the architecture of the multiprocesso...

Stars: 108 Updated: September 5th,2018

Fabrication and test of a 70 000 channels electronic pad readout system for multi-step avalanche chambers

Thirty-two ADC values per DSP above threshold and 25 DSP boards each having three DSPs give 2400 data words to be transferred from the DSP buffer to the master buffer which takes ...K.El ChenawiJ DalstraJ.R FransensS GarpmanH.-Å Gust...

Stars: 137 Updated: September 5th,2018

Dynamic bandwidth scaling for embedded DSPs with 3D-stacked DRAM and wide I/Os

3D main memory is an emerging technology that stacks DRAM dies underneath the processor die using through-silicon vias (TSVs). Prior studies assumed tha...

Stars: 101 Updated: September 5th,2018

Analyzing the performance and energy impact of 3D memory integration on embedded DSPs

Recently, three-dimensional integration technology has allowed researchers and designers to explore novel architectures for computing systems. Due to th...

Stars: 111 Updated: September 5th,2018

Syndex executive kernel development for DSPs TI C6X applied to real-time and embedded multiprocessors architectures

Real time signal, image and control applications have very important time constraints, involving the use of several powerful numerical calculation units...

Stars: 150 Updated: September 5th,2018

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