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Symptoms of dysgraphia


The Source for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.

This book describes the processing styles inherent in dyslexia and dysgraphia for teacher identification of such students and provides strategies and co...

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"Afferent dysgraphia" in a patient and in normal subjects.

ABSTRACT Examined an adult female who showed a form ofdysgraphia termed "afferent dysgraphia" by V. Lebrun (1976). S, who was not aphasic and showed preserved spelling knowledge...S's dysgraphic symptoms are attributed to a general l...

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Seizures, dyslexia, and dysgraphiaof psychogenic origin.

Although refusal to read or write may occur in a number of psychiatric disorders, to our knowledge dyslexia and dysgraphia as the sole manifestations of a psychogenic disorder have not previously been reported. Our patient had psychog...

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Crossed Dysgraphia: A case Report

A subgroup of RHD patients with symptomsof crossed aphasia (CA) may also display deficits in written language (Basso et. al, 1985). However, cognitive model-based description of ...SE’s performance on the PALPA tests revealed the pr...

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Acquired Dysgraphia in Arabic Orthography: A Case-Series Analyses

The test included 412 words obtained from the Buckwalter and Parkinson (2011), which provides a list of the 5,000 most frequently used words in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)Results and discussionThe writing to dictation performance of ...

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Parietal Dysgraphia: Characterization of Abnormal Writing Stroke Sequences, Character Formation and Character Recall

To characterize various dysgraphic symptoms in parietal agraphia.We examined the writing impairments of four dysgraphia patients from parietal lobe lesi...

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Callosal warning syndrome.

To report the clinical and imaging findings in a patient with an initial fluctuating disconnection syndrome due to corpus callosal ischemia that ultimately culminated in infarction with persistent symptoms. A 40-year-old, hypertensiv...

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The frequency of visual, auditive, linguistic and graphomotor dysgraphia among third-grade elementary-school students

The paper considers four types ofdysgraphia: visual, auditive, linguistic and graph-motor and to what extent the symptomsof these types are present among 352 third-grade elementary school students. It was found out that the most com...

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The Writing Dilemma: Understanding Dysgraphia.

Chapters address: (1) why students avoid writing and the need for students to understand the purpose of writing; (2) underlying processing skills for writing and different types of difficulties students may have; (3) symptomsof dysgr...

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Web based expert system to diagnose dysgraphiasymptoms among children using fuzzy logic algorithm / Nurhidayah Yahya

This project is about developing web based expert system to diagnose ofdysgraphia level among children by using the fiizzy logic model. The main purpose of this project is to construct fiizzy logic model that can be used to diagnos...

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