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Ethics concerning genetic engineering


Savior Siblings

This article presents the main facts and ethical stances concerning the creation and use of savior siblings – babies whose tissue can be used as a cure or treatment for their ... 2012, Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (Second Edition)...

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Human GeneticEngineering and the Problems

2 For a survey concerning this subject, cf. M. Araszkiewicz, The Slippery SlopeArgu- ments against the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide [in:] J. Stelmach, M.Soniewicka,...Many people nowadays do not consider the problem of t...

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Biotechnology and naturalness in the genomics era: plotting a timetable for the biotechnology debate

H Zwart, H Zwart - Journal of agricultural and environmental ethics, 2009 - ambiguity concerning concepts such as ''nature'' or ''naturalness.'' Although some ...GeneticengineeringDebates on the role of biotechnolog...

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Preposterism and Its Consequences

There won't be any exciting stuff about the political wisdom or otherwise of research into racial differences in intelligence, or the ethics of scientists' treatment of laboratory animals, or moral issues concerninggenetic engineerin...

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Green Symbolism in the Genetic Modification Debate

fears of the remixing of living identities seen ingeneticengineering, and resentment at the spiritual nihilism of the... Heidegger, M., The Question Concerning Technology, trans. W. Lovitt (Harper and Row, New York, 1977). Hollis, J...

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Towards an GMO discipline: ethical remarks

geneticengineeringmedicineThe present technological transformation calls for a new kind of vet: he has to accomplish his own institutional tasks bearing in mind the definition of a “...ethical and deontological thought, concerning t...

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Ethical limits to domestication

of risks concerning animal welfare should precede all attempts to change animals either through should be considered as a tool to improve animal welfare alongside changes in managementand should be drawn with the goal of optimizing t...

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Communicating Science: The Special Problems of Reporting Scientific Enquiry in the Media.

Recent issues that have triggered a demand for a new kind of science writer are noted as including society's increased interest in health care, in problems of the environment, the ethics of geneticengineering, and other issues concer...

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Moral reasoning in decision-making regarding socioscientific issues: the human genetic improvement example

Moral reasoning in decision-making regarding socioscientific issues: the human genetic improvement exampleBiology teachingInformal reasoningMoral reasoningSocioscientific issuesABSTRACT In the recent years the advances in biological s...

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1 After Gene Therapy: Issues in Long-Term Clinical Follow-up and Care

This chapter focuses on the clinical trials of somatic gene therapy that began in 1989 after several decades of debate concerning the biological, ethical, and social implications of geneticengineering. To a large extent, this analys...

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