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Federal sick leave abuse


Controlling Abuse of SickLeave

Sickleave is a benefit afforded to employees in their compensation package, as well as an essential part of their package which was originally designed as a privilege. However, over time this benefit has come to be expected in the fr...

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Remedy sickleaveabuse

Presents ways companies in the United States would be able to eliminate the practice of sickleaveabuse among employees. Determination of root cause of sickleaveabuse; Pinpointing of trends; Examination of workplace practices; Atte...

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Sick-leaveabuse.Milling B.Milling BHosp Gift Shop ManageHospital gift shop management...

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County Hires Firm to Curb Employee Sick-LeaveAbuse

Federal law entitles Dan Kovacs to up to 12 weeks of job-protected time off for medical reasons....

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Absenteeism and sickleaveabuse

Absenteeism and sickleaveabuseMohorko Jug, Dušica...

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SickLeaveAbuse in the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department: Is There a Problem?

SickLeaveAbuse in the Mobile Fire-Rescue Department: Is There a Problem?Byrd, James F...

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Managing SickLeaveAbuse

Managing SickLeaveAbuseGerig, Wesley L...

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Sick-leave in women with alcohol dependence or abuse: effects of additional psychiatric disorders

Abstract The study objective was to assess sick-leave among women investigated in a general population survey of alcohol dependence/abuse (ADA). A total...

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Sick-leaveabuse.Milling B.Milling, BHosp Gift Shop ManageHospital gift shop management...

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The Influence of Organizational Incentives on AbsenteeismSick-Leave Use Among Correctional Workers

The variable was not statistically significant in the models and was not reported at the request of the Federal Bureau ...I. (1970). SickLeaveAbuse and What to do About It: A Look at Government Employees. Personnel, 47, 42-48.

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