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Filipino overseas contract workers


Occupational Destinations and Economic Mobility of FilipinoOverseasWorkers

Abstract This study examines employment and occupational shifts experienced by Filipinooverseascontractworkers in the transition from country of orig...

Stars: 96 Updated: February 20th,2018

HIV/AIDS awareness among Filipinooverseascontractworkers (OCW).

HIV/AIDS awareness among Filipinooverseascontractworkers (OCW).Catalla RStony BrookNY...

Stars: 82 Updated: February 20th,2018

Risk behavior of HIV / AIDS among returning Filipinooverseascontractworkers [abstract]

The objectives of this study were to determine 1) the prevalence of HIV infection among 1027 (80.8% male) returning Filipinooverseascontractworkers (...

Stars: 112 Updated: February 20th,2018

Tentmaker orientation for Filipinooverseasworkers

Tentmaker orientation for Filipinooverseasworkers on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.... Outbreak of Stevens-Johnson syndrome among Filipinooverseascontractworkers using mebendazole for helminthiasis prophy...

Stars: 64 Updated: February 20th,2018

Returning Filipinooverseascontractworkers: the case of Barangay Vergara Metro Manila.

From 1976 to 1982 a total of 1205098 Filipinoworkers were employed overseas sending home foreign exchange remittances estimated at US $3.45 billion. S...

Stars: 111 Updated: February 20th,2018

Executive Order No. 25 granting exemption from the payment of the travel tax to Filipinooverseascontractworkers, 1 July 1986.

Abstract This Order provides that "Filipinooverseascontractworkers with approved employment contracts and duly certified by the Ministry of Labor and...

Stars: 163 Updated: February 20th,2018

Employment Decision of Female Spouses of FilipinoOverseasContractWorkers

The Philippines holds the highest international rate of labor out-migration in Asia. However, overseas migration of urban Filipino household heads lowers the labor supply of female spouses left behind and increases consumption of leis...

Stars: 94 Updated: February 20th,2018

Outbreak of Stevens-Johnson syndrome among Filipinooverseascontractworkers using mebendazole for helminthiasis prophylaxis

Ajonuma LC, Chika LC.

Stars: 159 Updated: February 20th,2018

What the Papers Say: Representing Violence Against OverseasContractWorkers

ABSTRACT This article explores the case of Flor Contemplacion, a Filipino domestic worker in Singapore who was sentenced to death in 1995 for the suppo...

Stars: 96 Updated: February 20th,2018

Filipinooverseascontractworkers: their families and communities.

Since 1976 more than a million Filippino workers have gone to work in 112 countries and on board more than 5000 ocean-going vessels. For the 5-year per...

Stars: 83 Updated: February 20th,2018

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