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The role radiusofcurvature plays in thiolated oligonucleotide loading on gold nanoparticles.

We show that by correlating the radiusofcurvatureof spherical gold nanoparticles of varying sizes with their respective thiol-terminated oligonucleot...

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A constant radiusofcurvature model for the organization of DNA in toroidal condensates

Abstract Toroidal DNA condensates have received considerable attention for their possible relationship to the packaging of DNA in viruses and in general...

Stars: 112 Updated: March 25th,2018

Diameter Effect in Condensed Explosives. The Relation between Velocity and RadiusofCurvatureof the Detonation Wave

The limiting slope of the detonation velocity‐wave front curvature locus for small velocity deficits is obtained under an assumption concerning the ``r...

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Abstract not available for EP1673562 Abstract of corresponding document: WO2005038310 The invention relates to rolled bellows (10) for sealing two rotational elements that rotate with each other, can be bent in relation to each other ...

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Influence of turbulence on the effective radiusofcurvatureof radial Gaussian array beams.

Abstract The analytical formula for the effective radiusofcurvatureof radial Gaussian array beams propagating through atmospheric turbulence is deriv...

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Articulating vertebrae with asymmetrical and variable radiusofcurvature

An endoscope has a first segment with a proximal end and a distal end and is symmetric about an axis. A second segment, comprising a flexible and interconnected linkage system, is pivotably coupled to the first segment and, when subje...

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Transonic flowfield in a supersonic nozzle with small throat radiusofcurvature.

Internal flow measurements in transonic region of supersonic nozzle with small throat radiusofcurvature compared with prediction data

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Transonic flow in small throat radiusofcurvature nozzles.

FIND BY DOI/ISBN: FIND BY PAPER #: Home Journals AIAA Journal Journal of Aerospace Information Systems Journal of Aircraft Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics Journal...N. LEVINE. "Transonic flow in small throat radius o...

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Deformable pipe coupling having multiple radiiofcurvature

of said unitary body for adjustably connecting said unitary body to a mating unitary body; each said sub-section having a surface region of a different radiusofcurvature from an adjacent surface region on an adjacent sub-section, wh...

Stars: 74 Updated: March 25th,2018

Defining the effective radiusofcurvature for a nonideal optical beam

) of an arbitrarily wrinkled, distorted, or nondiffraction-limited optical beam. This real-beam radiusofcurvature obeys the same free-space propagatio...

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