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Tag making apparatus

Title:Tag making apparatus United States Patent 2991710 Inventors: Harwood, Floyd E. Application Number: US70819958A Publication Date: 07/11/1961 Filing Date: 01/10/1958 Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation Ass...

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Is a reduction in radiation lung volume and dose necessary with paclitaxel chemotherapy for node-positive breast cancer?

Abstract PURPOSE: To evaluate and quantify the effect of irradiated lung volume, radiation dose, and paclitaxel chemotherapy on the development of radia...

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An EST screen from the annelid Pomatoceros lamarckii reveals patterns of gene loss and gain in animals

In the context of this effort we here report our characterisation of an Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) screen in the ... Li L, Floyd PD, Rubakhin SS, Romanova EV, Jing J, Alexeeva VY, Dembrow NC, Weiss KR, Vilim FS, Sweedler JV: ... Ti...

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Soil microbial communities and function in alternative systems to continuous cotton.

Sites within this field study are distributed within Hale County (center point: 34°5ˇ N, 101°50ˇ W) andFloydCounty (center point: 34°5ˇ N, 101°20ˇ W). The ...Tag-encoded pyrosequencing analysis of bacterial diversity in a si...

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Semi-supervised recognition of sarcastic sentences in twitter and amazon

We also consider [product], [company], [title], [author] tags as HFWs for pat- tern extraction. We define a pattern as an ordered sequence of high frequency words and slots ...unusual combinations of named entities such as, for exampl...

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Direct mass spectrometric peptide profiling and fragmentation of larval peptide hormone release sites in Drosophila melanogaster rev...

This finding, which is in accordance with results from immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridizations performed by Taghert and colleagues (for review see Taghert 1999), strengthens the ...V., Li L., Floyd P. and Gilly W. (2000) Mass s...

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Cooperative Roles of Colon and Anorectum During Spontaneous Defecation in Conscious Dogs

Tagart REB: The anal canal and rectum. Their varying relationship and its effect on anal continence. Dis Colon Rectum... Floyd WE, Walls EW: Electromyography of the sphincter ani exterunus in man. J Physiol (London) 122:599 - 609,...

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Socio-demographic factors associated with smoking and smoking cessation among 426,344 pregnant women in New South Wales, Australia

Enter Your Search: Search tips Search criteria Articles Journal titles Advanced |BMC Public Health |v.5; 2005... The harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy was first investigated by Spontagand Wallace in 1935 [1]. They ... Kend...

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Does Being Technical Matter? XML, Single Source, and Technical Communication.

HTML code tags to specify boldface only says "whatever exists between the andtags, make it bold." HTML allows no ...According to Michael Floyd: Declarative languages let you describe something using a set of rules. The rules can be...

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Thiyl Glycosylation of Olefinic Proteins: S‐Linked Glycoconjugate Synthesis

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2009;48(42):7798-802. doi: 10.1002/anie.200903135. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

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