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The accuracy of the FreeStyle Navigator continuous glucose monitoring system in children with type 1 diabetes

2007; 30 :59–64. [ PMC free article ] [ PubMed ]Wilson DM, Beck RW, Tamborlane WV et al; DirecNet Study Group (2007) The accuracy of the FreeStyle Navigator continuous ...Wilson DM, Buck RW, Tamborlane WV, Chase HP, Fox LA, Ruedy KJ,...

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Materials science challenges for high-temperature superconducting wire.

dpaseafrearIclanltnesl,dotonwomeitthchaepsstieenhendYie2nefOxgepc3 tehsscu5a1trs.efdIanbceeecneopnhnaatrnrptacircseotlme... are the increased thermodynamics atnradnskiitnioentictsemthpaetraatruereth(oTucg) hvtaltuoesy6i7e,ldanidmgprro...

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Long-term modulation of inward currents in O2 chemoreceptors by chronic hypoxia and cyclic AMP in vitro.

V,,,a' (mv) -53.5 Cl.4 (n = 3) -48.0 k3.0 (n = 6) -59.7 2 2.3 (n = 6) -50.4 k 3.2 (n...VK,Cad WV) -38.7 f 2.7 (n = 5) -32.6 + 1.3 (n = 6) -33.2 + 1.9 (n = 5) -39.8 + 1.9 (n...Nowycky MC, Fox AP, Tsien RW (1985) Three types of neuronal...

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The secondary leukemias: challenges and research directions

88, No. 7, April 3, 1996 REVIEW 4.15 (91) Kuerbitz SJ, Plunkett BS, Walsh WV, Kastan MB. Wild-type p53 is ...Pharmacogenetics 1995;5:59-63. (134) Albertini RJ, Nicklas JA, O'Neill JP, Robison SH. In vivo somatic muta- tions...Bookman ...

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Challenges in framing the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity: the TEEB initiative

23. Carpenter SR, DeFries R, Dietz T, Mooney HA, Polasky S, Reid WV, Scholes RJ: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: ...59. Hanley N, Shogren JF: Awkward choices: economics and nature conservation. In Economics, Ethics, and Environmental...

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Flood Plain Vegetation of the Central Missouri Valley and Contacts of Woodland with Prairie

(shortawn fox- -Mih 1 A~iS Hi Certain forbs are constantly associated with the nmof rPeoitpenl sttaLnodus of cord... 1960 FLOOD PLAIN VEGETATION OF CENTRAL MISSOURI VALLEY 59 cordgrass may be separated from the big bluestem community ...

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Trapping and Marking Terrestrial Mammals for Research: Integrating Ethics, Performance Criteria, Techniques, and Common Sense

raccoon Raccoon American marten American marten Raccoon Arctic fox Yes Yes No No No No No No No Yes aSee text for ...Anim Behav 59:253-257. ASM/ACUC [American Society of Mammalogists Animal Care and Use Committee]. 1998. Guidelines...

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Process for making organic fluorine compounds

(see "Chemical Regulation Reporter," December 1, 1989, P. 1187-1189, and "Chemical & Engineering News," December 4,...Pat. No. 3,511,760 (Fox et al.), i.e., a gas phase reaction between the partially fluorinated cyclic dimer with... 5...

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Privacy-Enhanced Web Personalization

56–59 (2006), Cranor, L.F.: ’I Didn’t ... Fox, S., Rainie, L., Horrigan, J., Lenhart, A., Spooner, T., Carter, C.: Trust and Privacy Online: Why ...Journal of Elect...

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Lessons learned from the Sunbelt Melanoma Trial

(15.0%) 1.17 2.83 59.2% 6/321 (1.9%) 225/1,104 (20.4%) 33/1,104 (3.0%) 258/1,104 (23.4%) 1....Phillip Polack, MD, Wheeling Hospital West Virginia, Wheeling, WV; Maurice Rawlings, Jr., MD, Memorial Hospital, ...Sigurdson MD, Fox Chase ...

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