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Whitening Product Experiences Among College Students

Results. The majority (74.1%) of students in the sample have used whitening toothpastes and/or mouth rinses. More than half (61.1%) have used over-the-counter whiteningstrips (ie Crest white strips庐), while only 10.7% ...

Stars: 68 Updated: September 5th,2018

Evaluating the Whitening and Microstructural Effects of a Novel WhiteningStrip on Porcelain and Composite Dental Materials

The remaining 2 groups were randomized to treatment with either Oral Essentials®WhiteningStrips or Crest®3D White Whitestrips™. Sample surface ...

Stars: 159 Updated: September 5th,2018

Effects ofWhiteningStrips on the Enamel Microhardness

Crest Classic 6% H2O2 Whitestrip for 30 minutes twice/day, 2) Crest Classic...sample was measured at baseline pre-treatments, after whitening treatments (...Conclusion: Whiteningstripsof all concentrations alone result in ...

Stars: 69 Updated: September 5th,2018

Effects ofCrest Whitestrips bleaching on subsurface microhardness and ultrastructure of tooth enamel and coronal dentin

RESULTS: Peroxide whitening compositions had no effects on subsurface ...White DJ,Kozak KM,Zoladz JR,et al.Effects ofCrest Whitestrips bleaching ...

Stars: 155 Updated: September 5th,2018

In-use comparative kinetics of professional whiteningstrips: peroxide recovery from strips, teeth, gingiva, and saliva

A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the peroxide degradation and dilution kinetics ofCrest Whitestrips Supreme, a whiteningstrip carrying a low, fixed amount of a 14% hydrogen-peroxide bleaching gel. Crest Professional Whites...

Stars: 153 Updated: September 5th,2018

In-use peroxide kinetics of 10% hydrogen peroxide whiteningstrips

Abstract OBJECTIVE: Clinical research was conducted to establish the peroxide degradation profile of a very thin 10% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel delivered on a flexible polyethylene strip. METHODS: Sixteen subjects participated in...

Stars: 85 Updated: September 5th,2018

Clinical evaluation on the efficacy of the Crestwhiteningstrips

Clinical evaluation on the efficacy of the CrestwhiteningstripsZ. WANG...

Stars: 82 Updated: September 5th,2018

Whitening Efficacy and Color Degradation Profile of 2-Hour WhiteningStrips

Join for free Abstract Objectives: , This study evaluated safety, whitening efficacy and post-use color degradation ...Subjects were randomized to one of two treatments: 1) 10% hydrogen peroxide high adhesion whiteningstrip (Crest 3...

Stars: 96 Updated: September 5th,2018

Dental effects of home bleaching gels and whiteningstrips on the surface hardness of resin composites.

Abstract PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of two bleaching gels and two whiteningstrips on surface hardness of four resin composites in vitro. METHODS:...

Stars: 133 Updated: September 5th,2018

Trib Tested: CrestWhitening Expressions Toothpaste

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Trib Tested: CrestWhitening Expressions Toothpaste" by Tribune-Review, the - Tribune-Review/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, August 18, 2008... whiteningstrips when I received this...

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