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Summary of RJR "Dakota" Marketing Plans.

Report written by Michele Bloch of the Women Vs. Smoking Network, regarding Project VF and RJR's marketing and promotional plans. Discusses Trone Advertising Inc., and their involvement in the demographic/psychographic review of the m...

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Habitat use by desert mule deer and collared peccary in an urban environment

(Minnamon 1962), desert mule deer appear to be behaviorally dependent on the presence of free-standing water (Wood et ...At SAGU sexual segregation of desert mule deer was apparent only during the fawning season. In arid environments,...

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It's the awning of opportunities for growth

Focuses on the business operations of entrepreneur Mark Mattson. Purchase of ACF Tarp and Awning; Number of employees; Business relocation; Growth of company; Customer and business philosophy; Future plans.

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Opium, Expulsion, Sovereignty. China's Lessons for Bakumatsu Japan

the firstof China's unequal treaties withtheWest.A woodblockprintofthesceneshowsCh'i-shanconcludinghis unauthorizedpeace...[Harriss]aythatoncetradestartsE,nglandplanstosellopiuminJapanjust as inChina.EventhegreatpowerChinacoulddo not...

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Rack and clothes line combination attachable to a recreational vehicle

WO/2008/141364 November, 2008 A VEHICLE AWNING MOUNTING ASSEMBLY Other References: platform provides a large flat storage to store bicycles, firewood, storage totes, or other items that are ...

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Antimasonry, Religious Radicalism, and the Paranoid Style of the 1820's

Wood, The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1969), 393-... how fawning ministers consorted with the mighty while ignoring mighty sins.27Orthodox churchmen were prostitutes t...

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Seeking scapegoats

In the view of owners espousing a free market ideology, papers - and broadcasters - who failed to follow suit were ...‘most of the British Press was fawning around Hitler’s feet’ and had been willing to overlook German attitudes...

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Government of India, by Thomas Babington Macaulay, a speech delivered in the House of Commons, July 10, 1833

have taken, from the necessity of saying anything in favour of one part of our plan, the opening of the China trade... is the private estate of the Company; that the Company holds the island of Bombay, in free and common socage, as...

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Cheer Up, Stop Fawning and Leave the Raj Behind; GURU IQBAL'S PLAN FOR CURRY REVOLUTION

BRITAIN'S curry house waiters are not happy chapatis. In fact they're mostly miserable gits, according to Iqbal Wahhab.

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Using the ICF to develop patient treatment plans and to promote interdisciplinary teamwork

ABSTRACT Introduction. A Health Affairs Interdisciplinary Case Conference (HAICC) was conducted in which health professions students from varying disci...

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