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A micro optical force sensor for force feedback during minimally invasive robotic surgery

A 5 mm diameter tri-axial force sensor has been developed for minimally invasive robotic surgery. To define the required force range and resolution, a n...

Stars: 116 Updated: March 23rd,2018


WILLCOCKSON, WILCOXSON family line - Genealogy, Aden, Nancy Aden, Nancy L. Aden, Nancy Lee Aden, N. L. Aden, Griesel,...

Stars: 44 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Quick Writes Level 6 (Enhanced eBook)

Introduce kids to 20 famous Americans - like Harriet Tubman, Daniel Boone, and Paul Revere - with these adorable ...about a historical figure, plus an easy-to-read biography, funfacts, an interactive puzzle, a writing prompt, and...

Stars: 48 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Beneficial Effects of Slow Steaming in Bulk Freight Markets

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), through its Maritime Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC), has been carrying out substantive work on the reduction and limitation of greenhouse gas emissions from international shipp...

Stars: 77 Updated: March 23rd,2018

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