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Apparatus and method for displaying a program guide

A method and apparatus for a generating and displaying a program guide including visual images is described. The method (600) includes receiving (610) text information associated with a plurality of programs, determining (630) at lea...

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Method and system for managing multiple networks over a set of ports

Method and system for managing multiple networks over a set of ports.A system has a switch that allows virtual private networks to be created dynamically. The system includes at least one network. The system also includes a computer h...

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Modem transmission over packet networks

A system for transmitting modern signals across a packet network with improved resistance to bursty network packet loss that includes a first and a second processor, which connect a first and second V.32 and above modem to a first and...

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Data acquisition system with database using OPC

{ public TValue Value {get; set;} public DateTime...modem /dev/ttyS1 230400 "at+ipr=115200" >> ...default echo "Setting ppp0 as default gateway...

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The Linux Alphanumeric Pager Gateway Mini-HOWTO

Although your paging company's modem (referred to by sendpage as "Paging The Linux Alphanumeric Pager Gateway Mini...I would recommend using the hostname "pager" but it really doesn't matter. Now that you have your new address ...

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Distributed virus detection

Distributed virus detection.A method and system for efficient virus protection in networks of computing resources. Virus definitions are ranked and distributed according to activity. Active viruses are scanned for by substantially eve...

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Hoe de modem de helpdesk gaat helpen : homegateway is de spil van future internet

Artikel over figaro project

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Modem signal detection in a gateway

A modem detection method is provided for use by a first gateway, the first gateway capable of communicating with a second gateway over a packet network. The method comprises setting the first gateway to a voice mode having a first cod...

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Transporting upstream data in a passive optical network

Upstream data handling in a digital Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) passive optical network (DPON). Embodiments include receiving at a headend, in an upstream path over an optical network, a plurality of digit...

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System and method for repeater in a power line network

VLAN), which VLAN includes at least a repeater, a client, and a gateway...PowerLine CHIP __ 25 ETH 5/212 ' CWPLER 21$ T9 AC PQWER TO R341 ...For the modem to from the repeater 1. The VLAN ID for the modem 5 is...

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