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Economic guidelines for crop pestcontrol

Reichelderfer, KH, Carlson, GA, Norton, GA (1984) Economic guidelines for crop pestcontrol. FAO plant production and protection paper 58, FAO, Rome, ItalyReichelderfer, KH, Carlson, GA, Norton, GA (1984) Economic guidelines for crop ...

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[Tomato] [Biological pestcontrol]

[Tomato] [Biological pestcontrol]biological controlespagnecontrol quimicolutte antiravageurpests of plantslycopersicon esculentumchemical controlcontro...

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Applications of ecology for better pestcontrol.

A. 1984. Applications of ecology for better pestcontrol. In "Ecological Entomology" (C. B. Huffaker and R. L. Rabb, Eds.), pp. 763-795. Wiley, New York.Croft BA, Adkisson PL, Sutherst RW, Simmons GA (1984). Applications of ecology fo...

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Some ecological roots of pestcontrol

Development of pest management systems rests on relatively few major ecological principles and these underly the tactics and strategies available. Many are so self-evident that we often ignore their underlying significance. They are (...

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The hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), a destructive aphid-like insect pest of eastern and Carolina hemlock, is originally from Asia. Its first discovery in the United States was in Oregon on western hemlock in the 1920s. It was not found ...

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The efficacy of carbon dioxide treatments (under pressure or by modified atmospheres) for pestcontrol in stored products.

The application of carbon dioxide under pressure and preservation by modified atmospheres with high carbon dioxide concentrations are discussed as contr...

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Silicon use for pestcontrol in agriculture: a review.

Silicon (Si) deficiency in crops has been recognized since the 1970s, and a substantial body of research, particularly on rice and sugarcane, now shows ...

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Integrated pestcontrol system

An integrated pesticide applicating system utilizes lengths of small diameter closed end flexible tubing with periodically spaced perforations having open ends terminating at junction boxes which are serviced on a periodic basis by ce...

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A decision-analysis approach to integrated pestcontrol

One of the major difficulties facing research and extension workers who attempt to develop better methods of integrated pestcontrol is the complexity of the problem they have to tackle. The ability to synthesize relevant information ...

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[Integrated pestcontrol, 2: Initiating the differential commercialization of tomato]

Gabarra, R.[][][]Keywords: ravageur des plantes; lutte chimique; control quimico; toxicity; toxicidad; integrated control; plagas de plantas; lucha int...

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