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The article offers information on the top 10 companies for executive women for 2009 chosen by the National Association for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs (NAFE). These include Aetna, AstraZeneca, Avon Products, GeneralMills, IBM...

Stars: 53 Updated: February 18th,2018

Avon Joins Sustainable Palm Oil Movement With Earth Day Pledge

Avon is launching a Hello Green Tomorrow global fundraising program to support both The Nature Conservancy's efforts to restore the Atlantic Rain Forest in South America and the World Wildlife Fund for its work in the tropical forests...

Stars: 81 Updated: February 18th,2018

A Taxonomy of Cause-Related Marketing Research: Current Findings and Future Research Directions

Do consumers tend to be loyal to companies that repeatedly engage in cause-related marketing programs, e.g., Avon, Campbell Soups, GeneralMills? Can the effectiveness of cause-related marketing be more sustainable and long-term than ...

Stars: 124 Updated: February 18th,2018

Brand Expansion

Beanstalk Group's licensing agreement with online retailer Lillian Vernon; GeneralMills' deal with Publications International... Discusses the percentage of Avon's non-beauty sales that is made up of licensed goods. Executive Sally ...

Stars: 20 Updated: February 18th,2018

Public Affairs Council Annual Report

Avon Products Inc. Bank of America BATUS Inc. (Parent of B&W) BATUS Inc. is a subsidiary of B.A.T. Industries... General Dynamics Corp. General Electric Company (appliance company) GeneralMills Inc. Gold Kist Inc. H.J. Heinz ...Meet...

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Process for tempering and milling grain

kernels having a moisture content of about 8 to 9% were obtained from a GeneralMills flour mill in Vallejo, Calif. ...Specifically, a coarsely ground red wheat bran obtained from Avon Inc., having about 10% starch and 13.8% moisture ...

Stars: 51 Updated: February 18th,2018

International Marketing Blunders by American Firms in Japan: Some Lessons for Management

This article investigates separate cases of marketing blunders committed by prominent multinationals in Japan. Examined are GeneralMills, Avon Cosmetic...

Stars: 114 Updated: February 18th,2018

Wheat starch gelatinization in sugar solutions. I. Sucrose: microscopy and viscosity effects.

MATERIALS AND METHODS Starches used in this study included a soft white wheat starch washed from Avon variety flour and a commercial wheat starch (Aytex P, GeneralMills, Inc., Minneapolis). Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) was the 7 HF t...

Stars: 121 Updated: February 18th,2018

The 2014 GreenBiz corporate sustainability Twitterati Index

Jerry Lynch GeneralMills Chief Sustainability Officer @gmills_jerry 40 Tod Arbogast Avon Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility @Tod_Arbogast 39 Susan Rochford Legrand North America Vice President, Energy Effici...

Stars: 77 Updated: February 18th,2018

The Four Pillars of Fair Trade: Consumers

Still more Fair Trade products become brands or ingredients, purchased and managed by large corporations such as Nestle (commercial coffee service, Kit Kat), Avon (body cream), and GeneralMills (Lara Bar) (Fair Trade USA, 2012c). Tho...

Stars: 53 Updated: February 18th,2018

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