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Geotropism in roots


RNA, structure, ultrastructure and geotropism of roots.

Geotropic curvature in Lens culinaris roots was characterized by low auxin and RNA levels and high RNase activity in the cortical cells of their convex ...

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Anti-geotropism of Seminal Roots Induced by Eosinin Wheat

Anti-geotropism of Seminal Roots Induced by Eosinin WheatShibuya,ToshiokiYamagata UniversityBulletin of the Yamagata University. Agricultural science...

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Effects of nodules on geotropism of roots

Effects of nodules on geotropism of roots Bendana, F. E...

Stars: 53 Updated: February 21st,2018

A review on mechanism of plant geotropism: developing trend in research on pine rootgeotropism

Despite the fundamental importance of gravity-driven growth response in plants, the mechanisms that result inrootgeotropism are poorly understood and ...

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A Theory of Geotropism: With some Experiments on the Chemical Reversal of Geotropic Response in Stem and Root

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Morphactin-induced negative geotropism of adventitious roots of Zea mays L

Morphactin (Chlorflurenol) induced adventitious roots of maize to grow upwards out of the soil, the number of such roots increased with the concentratio...

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Dichloro- p -coumaric Acid and Coumaric Acid: their Effect on the Geotropism of Roots

WE present here the first clear evidence that the positive geotropic response of roots can be prevented by dichloro- p -coumaric acid and p -coumaric acid.

Stars: 111 Updated: February 21st,2018

Barbiturate-induced Disorientation of Root and Shoot Geotropismin Germinating Cruciferous Seedlings

Cruciferous seedlings germinated on glass-distilled water and on barbital manifested normal root and shoot geotropisms whereas twisted roots and shoots ...

Stars: 129 Updated: February 21st,2018

Cytokinin and rootgeotropism

Cytokinin and rootgeotropismcornShenMiller, JBrown, C.MUS Argonne Nat Lab Biol Med Res Div Semiannu Rep...

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Studies on geotropismin the roots of Pisum sativum with particular reference to the effects of exposure to auxins and anti-auxins

Experiments were carried out to investigate the relationship between the auxin content of the upper and lower halves of horizontal, primary roots of Pisum sativum and their growth during geotropism. A special klinostat was constructed...

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