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Chapter - Flows, stocks and accounting rules

Page tools: Email Notification RSS Search this Product About this Release Contents Contents >> Chapter 2: Australian GFS framework >> Flows, stocks and accounting rules ...At best, accounting standards recommend regular revaluation o...

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Feature Article - Government Finance Statistics, Australia (Feature Article)

1. This note provides guidance on the treatment of revenue arising from the sales of goods and services and from taxes and fines in Government Finance Statistics (GFS) (footnote 1...Even if no explicit cost recovery is intended, some...

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Pricing Cotton on the Basis of Rapid Instrument Based Testing in India

ABSTRACT In India, cotton is traded in Mandis (Markets) in the form of kapas, i.e., unginned cotton at the farmers' level. The traders do subjective evaluation of the quality of lint and ginning percentage, based on which a price is ...

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HPLC analysis of human epidermal growth factor using immunoaffinity precolumn. II. Determination of hEGFs in biological fluids

* Final gross prices may vary according to local VAT. Get Access SummaryA high-performance liquid-chromatographic, column-switching system for automated sample pre-treatment and ...A high-performance liquid-chromatographic, column-sw...

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Appendix - The IMF GFS standard

A2.16 The valuation principle in the IMF GFS standard is the same as in the SNA, namely that all flows and stocks should be valued at current market prices. Like the SNA, ...Social assistance benefits are often made in kind as when a...

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Electronic Futures Spread Exchange System And Method

The present invention creates a futures exchange trading futures and futures options spread products. More specifically, the present invention will create a futures exchange that will list a variety of futures and futures options (int...

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Why stable food prices are a good thing: Lessons from stabilizing rice prices in Asia

Some key costs of stabilizing domestic food prices include disruption of international markets, crowding out of private traders if government procurement is too large or destabilizes ...doi:10.1016/j.gfs.2012.09.001David DaweAgricultu...

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Chapter - GFS publications

5.26. The outputs included in ABS GFS publications are varied from time to time but are generally at the ETF level shown in table 5.2. Information relating to general government...All of these statistics are recorded at current price...

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Chapter - Chapter 3. New GFS conceptual framework

Page tools: Email Notification RSS Search this Product About this Release Contents Contents >> Chapter 3. New GFS conceptual framework 3.1. The ABS’s revised accrual GFS is based ...The same however cannot be said for the other comp...

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However, some researchers would define an arbitrary threshold above which a change in prices is considered a shock.12 The downside of this approach is that the set of shocks will ...Private capital formation is calculated as the diffe...

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