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Deshi Dosh: the case on integration of ten rivals in the fashion industry of Bangladesh

Dress GG, Shaw JD (2001) Voluntary turnover, social capital and organizational performance. Acad Manag Rev 26(3):446... Gulf News (2001) Exquisite sarees illustrate best of Bangladesh, March 17, 2001 Hakim C (1987) Research design: ...

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papad production and sale, leaf cup production, vermicomposting, mushroom production, nursery management and sale of sarees...were mushroom production (Rs.113/day), warli painting, production of greeting cards and bandhani dress mater...

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Burns in Jammu: Retrospective analysis from a regional centre

The global epicenter of burns is South-East Asia: of the 320,000 global deaths from fire- related burns, over half ...Also their dress pattern of loose garments, sarees with flowing ends catch fire easily. Unfor- tunately dowry harass...

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The preparation and processing of tussah silk

Tussah silk is well known for its fast fawn colour, which is often preserved in the manufacture of dress and other fabrics. Hence the processing of tussah for fabrics has not been very common, except for certain ladies' apparel such a...

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An Ontology Based Personalized Garment Recommendation System

The approach has been validated with fashion preferences of several individuals with a large collection of Sarees, an ethnic dress for women in Indian subcontinent.doi:10.1109/WI-IAT.2013.143Stuti AjmaniHiranmay GhoshAnupama MallikSan...

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Though India is producing all the varieties of silk garments i.e., dress materials, scarves/stoles, readymade garments, etc., the silk sarees are unique. The saree is almost synonymous with the word silk. It is the traditional costume...

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Development of spot-tests for the identification of zari

Spot tests for identifying the metallic content of zari are discussed. Zari is an important ornamental thread used since ancient times to decorate such textile goods as dress materials, sarees, fashion fabrics, table cloths, and footw...

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Indian concepts on sexuality

jewellery, while women used to wear traditional sarees made of silk and expensive clothes as a symbol of their wealth.... when a young man takes the opportunity at some fair or festival to place a vermilion scarf on his chosen girl's...

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Demographic Profile of Selected Irular Tribes of Coimbatore District – Tamil Nadu

tribal families irrespective of the sex, elderly were illiterates, and adults had their education up to primary school ...a. Dress code The tribal men wear cotton dhoti and shirts, women wear sarees but tied in their customary way wit...

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Sleeved garment

Login Sign up Search Expert Search Quick Search Patents/Apps Non-Patent Literature Blogs/Groups MPEP Case Law ...Feb. 2012. “Alice+ Olivia Ruched Off Shoulder Dress”. Polyvore.—kamali—off—... UT...

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