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Place Affinities, Lifestyle Mobilities, and Quality-of-Life

Part of the series International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life pp 209-231 ...(1976). When enough’s enough: The natives are restless in Old Niagara. ...(2004). Gateway to Glacier: Will amenity migrants in north-western Montana ...

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Late Holocene lake-level and lake development signals in Lower Herring Lake, Michigan

Klutlan Glacier region, Yukon Territory, Canada....Morphological variation of Stephanodiscus niagarae ...© Springer International Publishing AG, Part o...

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Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Records From Lake Erie Sediment Cores: Mollusc Aragonite 4600 BP-200 BP

parts of these cores because of the paucity of ...of the once glacier-depressed Niagara out- let....the Little Ice Age in Glac- ierBay, Alaska...

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A mafic-ultramafic cumulate sequence derived from boninite-type melts (Niagara Icefalls, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)

The layered sequence from Niagara Icefalls (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) is related to the Cambrian-Early Ordovician Ross Orogeny. The sequence c...

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Characterization of sand lenses embedded in tills

Minor marginal moraines such as dump moraines or...deposition at Burroughs Glacier, GlacierBay, ...mÃÓlange, southern Niagara Peninsula, Ontario,...

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Lightning and lightning fire, central cordillera, Canada

The pines near Saskatchewan Glacier are the oldest...(Living tissue only occurs on part of the ...Ontario, including the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere ...

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Identifying palaeo-ice-stream tributaries on hard beds: Mapping glacial bedforms and erosion zones in NW Scotland

The field 112 area stretches from Badcall Bay ...Rock drumlins and megaflutes of the Niagara ...and glacier dynamics in this part of NW Scotland...

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Subglacial till: the deforming glacier bed

lange, southern Niagara peninsula, Ontario, Canada. Journal of Quaternary ...tills: evidence for subglacial hydrofracturing at Killiney Bay, eastern ...Drumlins as part of a glacier bedform continuum. In: Menzies, J., Rose...

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The Ross orogeny of the transantarctic mountains: a northern Victoria Land perspective

area between Niagara icefalls and the Ross Sea....Bay group (Mariner Glacier Area, Antarctica): least in part, the present basement of the ...

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Rate of Recession of Niagara Falls

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