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Glenoid fracture


Simultaneous arthroscopic treatment of displaced greater tuberosity and glenoidfracture using a double-row technique

A rare case with concomitant fracture of the greater tuberosity and a bony Bankart lesion is described. Bioabsorbable suture anchors are used to reduce ...

Stars: 151 Updated: February 26th,2018

Posterior approach for glenoidfracture.

Intra-articular glenoid cavity fracture is very rare. We describe an original surgical technique for depressed intra-articular glenoidfracture used in ...

Stars: 51 Updated: February 26th,2018

Repair of a supraglenoid tuberosity fracture in a horse.

A 14-month-old Arabian colt was admitted for treatment of an articular fracture of the supraglenoid tubercle of the right forelimb. Successful repair wa...

Stars: 73 Updated: February 26th,2018


Abstract Fractures of the scapula rarely occur and account for approximately 0.4–1% of all fractures. About 10% of these fractures include the glenoid, and the same amount is substantially displaced. Within the glenoidfractures, 75...

Stars: 20 Updated: February 26th,2018

Arthroscopy-assisted reduction and percutaneous fixation of a multiple glenoidfracture

Glenoidfractures are rare. The traditional method for treating them is open reduction and internal fixation in arthrotomy. Arthroscopic reduction with ...

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GlenoidFractureScapula FracturesSpringer Berlin Heidelbergdoi:10.1007/978-3-642-29613-0_100688...

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Glenoidfracture during manipulation under anesthesia for adhesive capsulitis: a case report

Magnussen RA, Taylor DC.

Stars: 118 Updated: February 26th,2018

Arthroscopic-assisted reduction and percutaneous external fixation of a displaced intra-articular glenoidfracture

Arthroscopic reduction and percutaneous external fixation is a well-known technique for treating selected fractures. This is the first report of a metho...

Stars: 147 Updated: February 26th,2018

Glenoid rim fracture in contact athletes with absorbable suture anchor reconstruction.

Absorbable suture anchors are widely used in arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction procedures and provide a good solution for stabilization in athletes...

Stars: 112 Updated: February 26th,2018

Case Report Arthroscopic reduction and internal fixation of an anterior glenoidfracture

Abstract This case report describes the use of the arthroscope for the treatment of an anterior glenoid rim fracture associated with anterior shoulder i...

Stars: 113 Updated: February 26th,2018

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