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International environmental policies arise from


The provision of internationalenvironmental public goods

internationalenvironmental public goods What does ...Social conflicts arise because for these public ...(2007). Policies to Reduce Emissions from ...

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The economic sustainability of agri-environmentalpolicies: the application of Reg. (EC) N. 1095/2007 in the rice sector, PAGRI/IAP

agri-environmentalpolicies: the application of Reg...arisefrom not using the active agent follows a...Politica Agricola Internazionale - International...

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International Coordination of EnvironmentalPolicies:Is it Always Worth the Effort?

Alternatively, these benefits arisefrom the ...While internationalpolicy coordination is welfare ..."EnvironmentalPolicies in a Differentiated Oligop...

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EnvironmentalPolicies, Mergers and Welfare

Previous studies assume that asymmetries arisefrom differences in the marginal...(1994), "Self-Enforcing InternationalEnvironmental Agree- ments", Oxf...

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South American Paran√°-Paraguay Waterway (Hydrovia): An Environmental Diagnosis and Prognosis

187 YEARBOOK OF INTERNATIONALENVIRONMENTAL LAW, Vol. 14 - 2003 during the...Other provisions of the Watercourses Convention arisefrom general environmental...policies to ensure a harmonious and balanced development of the region in ...

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Giving Substance to Form: Moving towards an Integrated Governance Model of Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment

Hunter et al., InternationalEnvironmental Law and...programmes and policies relating to the environ- ...Further questions must inevita- bly arise about...

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Public vs. private eco-labeling of environmental credence goods: maximizing the gains frominternational integration.

reducing aggregate environmental benefits from integration of two economies that ...certification policies for environmental credence ...

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InternationalEnvironmental Crimes

(1) Differing values and costs occur when illegal activities arisefrom regulations that produce cost differentials between...Policies to combat internationalenvironmental crime include: controlling the illegal trade, including enhan...

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Free-Riding in InternationalEnvironmental Agreements: A Signaling Approach to Non-Enforceable Treaties

then the previous result must arise because country...llment of internationalenvironmental agreements ( policies, The Economic Journal, 101, ...

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Corruption, Environmental Resources, and International Trade

arisefrom the fact that the only source of ...Impact of trade on environmental standards We can...However, the policies required to deal with ...

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