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Google Closes Chinese Site

search engine and moving its Chinese-language search functionality to its HongKong-based site. The move concludes a back-and-forth saga that began after intrusion attempts on Google's Gmail service and network...

Stars: 34 Updated: September 14th,2018

GoogleGmail Support for Outlook Challenges Exchange

GoogleGmail Support for Outlook Challenges Exchange Matthew W. CainTom Austin...

Stars: 66 Updated: September 14th,2018

Google Adds Category Tabs to Gmail Inboxes

The article reports that provider of Internet-related services and products Google Inc. adds category tabs to Gmail inboxes. It says that the tabs organize mail into individual compartments. It states that the tab was introduced on Ma...

Stars: 55 Updated: September 14th,2018

Google Adds Spam, Virus Filtering to Paid Gmail

The article offers information on the e-mail security and recovery services, provided by the Google Apps Premier programs from Google Inc. It mentions that the Google Apps Premier is a combination of office productive programs, calend...

Stars: 61 Updated: September 14th,2018

Facebook encuentra otra forma para importar los contactos de Google/GMail

Facebook encuentra otra forma para importar los contactos de Google/GMailCuánto tardará Google en bloquear la descarga de los contactos o si existe alguna forma para que lo hagan.Por De todo un poco (detodounpoco) Martes 09 ...

Stars: 95 Updated: September 14th,2018

Google mounts stealth attack on UC with Buzz

The article discusses Google Buzz, the merging of Gmail with social networking capabilities, as a component of Google...Bradley, TonyComputerWorld HongKong...

Stars: 57 Updated: September 14th,2018


摘 要: Google在2005年失去Gmail在英国的使用权已不是什么新鲜事,因为Gmail商标在英国不属Google所有。两年之后的7月,GoogIe再次失去Gmail在德国的商标使用权。...

Stars: 22 Updated: September 14th,2018


GoogleGmailSchwartz, Steven A...

Stars: 14 Updated: September 14th,2018

Chinese media calls Google a 'political tool.'

The article reports that China's Communist newspaper has criticized Google for its allegations that the country perpetrated phishing attacks on GoogleGmail users. The People's Daily editorial described Google as a political tool to d...

Stars: 70 Updated: September 14th,2018

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