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New GreekOrthodox Patriarch Elected in Jerusalem

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The Greek-Orthodox version of the Brief Religious Coping (B-RCOPE) instrument: psychometric properties in three samples and associat...

BACKGROUND:The B-RCOPE is a brief measure assessing religious coping. We aimed to assess the psychometric properties of its Greek version in people with and without long-term conditions (LTCs). Associations between religious coping an...

Stars: 176 Updated: February 21st,2018

Religiousness as tourist performances: A case study of GreekOrthodox pilgrimage

Religiousness as tourist performances: A case study of GreekOrthodox pilgrimageThe aim of this paper is to decipher ways of experiencing religiousness through tourist performances, ...In doing so, the paper proposes that tourism and ...

Stars: 103 Updated: February 21st,2018

Religious fundamentalism and religious orientation among the GreekOrthodox

The experimenters explored how religious fundamentalism related with religious orientation, irrational thinking, and immature defense mechanisms. They a...

Stars: 96 Updated: February 21st,2018

Innovation in the Orthodox Christian Tradition? The Question of Change in GreekOrthodox Thought and Practice

(2014). Innovation in the Orthodox Christian Tradition? The Question of Change in GreekOrthodox Thought and Practice. Journal of Contemporary Religion: Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 175-177. doi: 10.1080/13537903.2014.864836

Stars: 140 Updated: February 21st,2018

Comparing Religious Messages in the Media and in the Congregation: A GreekOrthodox Case Study

Religious messages may be delivered to two kinds of audiences: the local congregation and, through the mass media, the general public. Do religious actors issue the same cues to both audiences? Existing research suggests that speakers...

Stars: 121 Updated: February 21st,2018

Identities in-between: the impact of satellite broadcasting on GreekOrthodox minority (Rum Polites) women's perception of their ide...

This study aims to shed a light on women belonging to the GreekOrthodox Christian (Rum Polites) community in Istanbul, Turkey and their perception of their identity with the help ...This research is the first attempt to analyse Rum w...

Stars: 179 Updated: February 21st,2018

The role of pagan Lithuania in Roman Catholic and GreekOrthodox religious diplomacy in East-Central Europe (1345-1377) [microform] /

^ Chapter I contains an analysis of the historiographical debate and documentary evidence on the question of Grand Prince Algirdas' personal religion. Chapter II is a discussion of Algirdas' relations with GreekOrthodox Christians: h...

Stars: 172 Updated: February 21st,2018

Recreation and christian youth ministries: the Ottawa Chapter of the Greekorthodox Youth of America.

The Ottawa (Canada) Chapter of the GreekOrthodox Youth of America (GOYA) has existed since the mid-1900s. At that time, GOYA was viewed as an organization pertinent not only for the practice and maintenance of a religious minority (G...

Stars: 130 Updated: February 21st,2018

“Monasticizing the Monastic”: Religious Clothes, Socialization and the Transformation of Body and Self among GreekOrthodox Nuns

Abstract: The paper explores the role that religious clothing assumes in the socialization process by which a lay person becomes a monastic. The study is an ethnographic one focusing on two GreekOrthodox convents. By analysing the ha...

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