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Heating a smoked turkey


Method for making turkey bacon

The present invention relates to a method for making turkey bacon, and more particularly, a method for making precooked, pre-crisped, turkey bacon. In a preferred embodiment method of making ready-to-... 2. The method of claim 1, fur...

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Predictors of Adolescent Cigarette Smoking Behavior: A Sociological Case Study in Ankara, Turkey

TurkeyThis paper aims to discuss important predictors of adolescent cigarette smoking behavior, such as their sociodemographic characteristics (age, gender, socioeconomic status, mother's and father's educational level, and school typ...

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Factors affecting exhaled carbon monoxide levels in coffeehouses in the Western Black Sea region of Turkey.

In another study, Fidan and Cimrin (2007) have reported on tobacco smoke exposure in coffeehouses in Turkey. Their study showed that mean expired CO was 21.4 + 9.3 ppm for ...HeatingAir Pollution, IndoorTobacco Smoke PollutionEnvironm...

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Feasibility and acceptability of a text messaging-based smoking cessation program in ankara, Turkey.

Abstract Data from high-income countries suggest that cell phone-based smoking cessation programs have the potential to affect cessation rates. There is...

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Health Warnings, Smoking Rules, and Smoking Status: A Cross-National Comparison of Turkey and the United States.

Abstract Objectives: This study aimed to compare the prevalence of smoking status (i.e., current, former and never) between the United States and Turkey in terms of age and gender, and examine how smoking rules and health warnings are...

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Cigarette prices and smoking prevalence after a tobacco tax increase--Turkey, 2008 and 2012

Cigarette prices and smoking prevalence after a tobacco tax increase--Turkey, 2008 and 2012HumansPrevalenceSmokingAdolescentAdultAgedMiddle AgedYoung AdultTaxesTurkeyAbstract Raising the price of tobacco products has been shown to red...

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Food package for heating and venting

Several packages are disclosed which contain food and which are used for storing, heating and serving the food. The food may be heated by inserting the package in an electric toaster or other similar... boneless short ribs of beef hi...

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Hospital based survey of lung cancer in Turkey, a developing country, where smoking is highly prevalent.

While the trend of cigarette consumption in some developed countries is on the decline, it has been noted that in many developing countries, smoking is ...

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Maternal age, education level and migration: Socioeconomic determinants for smoking during pregnancy in a field study from Turkey

Smoking during pregnancy has been associated with socioeconomic determinants and it is recognized as the most important preventable risk factor for an unsuccessful pregnancy outcome. Turkey has national data on the prevalance of smok...

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The effects of a nursing smoking cessation intervention on military students in Turkey

The effects of a nursing smoking cessation intervention on military students in Turkey.Nursing InterventionsSmoking CessationTranstheoretical ModelTurkeyTurkish Air Force StudentsAim: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a nursi...

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