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The Victorians were still faster than us. Commentary: Factors influencing the latency of simple reaction time.

volunteers in Rotorua, New Zealand; the second sample   18   was in part recruited using advertisements in the San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist – an electronic bulletin board. ...  19   Christensen, H., Hofer, S.M., MacKinnon, A...

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A3: The current wave of technology Web 2.0

Craigslistapartment rental and home purchase data tocreate aninteractive housing search tool, is the pre-eminent example of such a mashup.At present, these mashups are mostly innovative ...Cal Henderson, the lead developer of Flickr, ...

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"Value Appropriation, Search Frictions, and Secondary Markets"

we regress the average capacity arranged by promoter p in geographic area s in year t on an indicator for whether the show occurred after the entry of Craigslist into the focal ...For example, routines, once institutionalized, may be...

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Konf: Business History Conference - HSK/ZOL / Termine

Carter Henderson, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Business Practices and the 1937 Revolt in Barbados 4.CShaping the Welfare State Chair and Discussant: Francesco Boldizzo... "A Cesspool of Crime" and "Robbery by Appointmen...

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No abstract available.

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Ask Garden Girl

Oak halfbarrels are perfect (find them at the garden store or on Craigslist) - just be sure to drill drain holes in the bottoms. Use fresh potting soil; I also throw in a ... Hortus: The Roman Book of Gardening John Henderson. Routled...

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Farewell, Apple. Hello Linux Mint!

After being seduced by the MacBook Pro, product reviewer Tom Henderson replaces it (initially) with the Lenovo X120e running Linux Mint. Here's how.... By Tom Henderson Follow ITworld | April 11, 2012 RELATED TOPICS Small Business ...

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Strategy Against Scrapers

In the Craigslist case, the district court held that where a user has been unambiguously notified that its access to a website is not authorized the user is therefore liable under ...This article is only the opinion of the authors and...

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The Tyee – Five Ideas to Make Vancouver More Affordable

Edward Henderson is a Tyee Builder. You can be, too. Adrienne Vance is a Tyee Builder. You can be, too. Mark Bayntun is a Tyee Builder. You can be, too. James Webber is...But why? Why the web hasn't birthed a prettier Craigslist See ...

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Exploring Historical and Emerging Phishing Techniques and Mitigating the Associated Security Risks

[Online]. Available: [25] McGlasson, L (2008) Social Engineering: How to beat the bad ...[30] Henderson, James and Rahman, Syed (Shawon); " Work...

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