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High flow oxygen tubing salter


Strontium, dissolved and particulate loads in fresh and brackish waters: The Baltic Sea and Mississippi Delta

Because of the high C,, in the dissolved load in the brackish water, this observation does not rule out the ...Surface water samples were collected with Tygon tubing sus- pended away from the ship, pumped into 10 1 bottles, and ...Sal...

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Biological Treatment of Hypersaline Wastewater by a Biofilm of Halophilic Bacteria

in hypersaline wastes where normal oxygen transfer is inhibited by high concentrations of salt (Hockenbury el al., 1978)...An open-ended operating strategy that allowed compressed air to flow freely through the tubing at a rate of 650...

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Air/sea DMS gas transfer in the North Atlantic: evidence for limited interfacial gas exchange at high wind speed

10 000). The air flow rate was maintained by a rotary vane pump, with active control provided by a mass flow me- ...low frequency; and (5) correction for flux loss due to attenuation of high-frequency fluctuations in the inlet tubing...

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Leucine modulation of mitochondrial mass and oxygen consumption in skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes

slide from the coverslip containing cells with a single silicone gasket to generate laminar flow conditions during perfusion....A dissolved oxygen meter A Oxygen sensor Pump B1 FCS2 incubator Cells A B2 Washing/treatment buffer Genera...

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Induced hypotension during anesthesia with special reference to orthognathic surgery.

With isoflurane, the decrease in cerebral blood flow appears to be less than or equal to decrements in cerebral oxygen ... hence the drug should be infused in glass botfles or high-density polyethylene sy- ringes and tubing"14 and is ...

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An empirically derived inorganic sea spray source function incorporating sea surface temperature

Seawater dissolved oxygen concentration was mea- 13788 ACPD 15, 13783–13826, 2015 A sea spray source function ...through 2 m of 1/4 stainless steel tubing and a custom made silica diffusion dryer at which point the flow was split...w...

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Methanogenesis from Methylated Amines in a Hypersaline Algal Mat

In addition, samples of the frozen cores from April 1986 were centrifuged in tubes with a gas phase of nitrogen at ...In the absence of the algal mat, values for oxygen at the sediment surface were less than saturation, and total ...I...

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