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Hillshire smoked sausage


Bargain Dinners with Smoked Sausage

Since we have recently discussed how to put together bargain dinners, this week's bargain is a...

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Edible extruded collagen sausage casings containing caramel are manufactured from a fluid mass of swollen collagen to which caramel has been added prior to extrusion, said casings having improved properties when stuffed with meat emul...

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Smoked sausages or

Smoked sausages orSergio BoschettoGalliano RossetAmedeo Sandri...

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Development and evaluation of a cabrito smoked sausage product.

In order for the meat goat producer to survive, new avenues for marketing goats must be created. Currently, the live animal is sold directly to consumer...

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Fermentation of native smoked sausage.

Fermentation of native smoked sausage.Sison E.CPederson C.SPhilippine Agriculturist...

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Continuous manufacture of small smoked sausages

Continuous manufacture of small smoked sausages United States Patent 3170797 Inventors: Sloan, Edward C. MADISON THE FIRST NATIONAL BAN Application Number: US18547662A Publication Date: 02/23/1965 Filing Date: 04/05/1962 Export Citat...

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