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Boards: Does one size fit all

"Employee Ownership, Board Representation, and Corporate Financial Policies," Economics Papers from University Paris Dauphine 123456789/3864, Paris Dauphine University. Andres, Pablo de & ...& Hoag, Matthew L., 2013. "Underperformanc...

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In the employer/employee-matching scenario, for example, this results in prospective employees submitting overly ambitious ... which carry the digital data to and from computer platform 601, are exemplary forms of carrier waves transp...

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Skills Development for Engineers: innovative model for advanced learning in the workplace

This book questions the effectiveness of current employee learning in most organisations and presents an alternative framework model, which is less cost...

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Municipal Antitrust Liability after Town of Hallie v. City of Eau Claire

City of Eau ClaireSee also, Malciauskas & Rasnak, Local Government Exposure to Antitrust Liability and TrebleDamage Awards relied on the principle of federalism, which provides that local governments main-tain action directed by a loc...

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Cognitive Heuristics in Software Engineering: Applying and Extending Anchoring and Adjustment to Artifact Reuse

It contained extraneous (i.e., not required by the problem narrative given to participants) entity types (PERSON, EMPLOYEE, AIRCRAFT, MECHANIC, and FLIGHT-ATTENDANT), extraneous ...Hoaglin, K. El-Eman, and J. Rosenberg, "Preliminary G...

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The determinants of board structure

"Corporate governance and employee power in the boardroom: An applied game theoretical analysis," Discussion Papers of the Institute for Organisational Economics 9/2011, University of ...& Hoag, Matthew L., 2013. "Underperformance of ...

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Employee Background Checks: Beware of Class Action Exposure Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The article discusses the issues for financial services and banking industry to consider when conducting employee background checks in the hiring process under the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Topics mentioned include the ba...

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Assessing landscape values: a proposal for a multidimensional conceptual model. Ecol Model

12◦ Axis 2: conservation value Economic value Importance of EU agricultural subsidies Protected natural areas Subsidy per employee Area of ecological corridors, agricultural area, slope ...Ribaudo, M.O., Hoag, D.L., Smith, M., Heimli...

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Stenting versus Endarterectomy for Treatment of Carotid-Artery Stenosis

the Cardiovascular Re- search Technologies Conference, the Neurosurgical Society of America Annual Meeting, Strategic Medical Seminars; and being an employee of University at Buffalo ...Myla, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA...

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Stem: a path to self-employment & jobs?

Barth, Cordes, & Haber (1987) examine firm size and employee characteristics. They assume that monitoring costs increase with higher number of employees thereby assigning a comparative ...John Hoag, Bowling Green State UniversityENDNO...

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