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Holophrastic stage


Quine, Willard Van Orman: Philosophy of Science

Quine emphasizes how such observation sentences, "Milk," "Dog," "Red" and "It’s raining" should be treated as wholes or holophrastically; each expression, whether containing one... Quine’s early training in logic and his later promo...

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The genus Fuscidea (Fuscideaceae, lichenized Ascomycota) in North America

A specimen of this collection (DeBolt 636) in WIS has a sorediate thallus containing norstictic acid and a trebouxio...For this reason I prefer, at this stage, to recognise the non-sorediate entity at the level of variety rather than ...

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snRNA and Heterochromatin Formation Are Involved in DNA Excision during Macronuclear Development in Stichotrichous Ciliates

While the template-guided recombination model suggests recombination events resulting in specific DNA excision and reordering of macronucleus-destined sequences (MDS) guided by a template, there is evidence that an RNA interference-re...

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Re: Harnad (1) on Symbol Grounding Problem

> much beyond the stage of "toy" tasks toward lifesize behavioral > capacity. The fact that no one has been able to develop a non "toy" implementation of these models ... > for interpreting it holophrastically as meaning "This is a...

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Ontology and Quantification

As a response to neural intake, the sentence is holophrastic: the neural intake is keyed to the sentence as a monolithic whole,… In its outward orientation to its subject matter, on the other hand, the sentence figures not holophrast...

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Some Stages in the Acquisition of Questions by Monolingual Children

Stage l. Ho/ophrastic questions. With both children the first questions can be traced to the holophrastic (i.e., one-word) stage. There are two types ordered developmentally: IYNQ and SQ. la. Holophrastic IYNQ. The first type of quest...

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