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Home Health Care With Telemonitoring Improves Health Status for Older Adults with Heart Failure

Home telemonitoring can augment home health care services during a patient''s transition from hospital to home. Home health care agencies commonly use t...

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Magnetometer Sensor Feasibility for Railroad and Highway Equipment Detection Locomotive Noise Tests In this test locomotive noise EMI signatures from the locomotive electrical equipment was ...5.1 STAGE 1 REVIEW PANEL FEEDBACK The Stage 1 Briefing was held via teleconference from Campbell CA. on Wednes...

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Ambient Assisted Living Tools for a Sustanaible Aging Society

Bosch healthcare solutions, (last access: May 30, 2013) Philips Healthcare, Honey well healthcare,

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Small Spacecraft in Support of the Lunar Exploration Program

less than the LRAS baseline and over a shorter period of 2006- 2013 leaving room for a telerobotics and ISRU phase. ...Monolithic Machined Joint Equipment Layout (two independent modular primary subsystems of Propulsion and common bus...

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A Survey of Health Management User Objectives Related to Diagnostic and Prognostic Metrics

From an engineering perspective, the development of health management systems design to mitigate the greatest risks is ...(resolution), then right test equipment at the right time may be made available via on-board diagnostics telecas...

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Semantic Interoperability Architecture for Pervasive Computing and Internet of Things

The idea behind the Smart Health Monitor system is that health services based on telemonitoring can be improved by relating biomedical parameters of interest to their context and ...He was with Flextronix (2001–2005), Medikro (2000–...

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System and method for the graphical display of patient data

Assignee: Honeywell International, Inc. (101 Columbia Road, Morristown, New Jersey 07962-1057, US) International Classes: G06F19/00 European Classes: G06F19/00M3L ...In addition, by means of activity sensors placed in the home or on t...

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