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Systematic Comparison of Jet Energy-Loss Schemes in a realistic hydrodynamic medium

Woods-Saxon distribution for cold matter or 3-D...These decay rates are then used to evolve hard ...65, 615 (1997), hep- ph/9704255. [19] B...

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Defective splicing, disease and therapy: searching for master checkpoints in exon definition

(168) have used a func- tional selection ...Mol. Cell, 17, 613–615. 126. Krecic,A.M....152. O'Driscoll,M., Ruiz-Perez,V.L., Woods...

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Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Renal and Ureteric Stones

Most commonly used are orally or rectally ...BJU Int 1999;84:615–7. [26] Skolarikos A,...Siegel YI, Steele B, Nyhuis AW, Woods JR. Management...

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Conceptualizing Youth Borderline Personality Disorder Within a PAI Framework

A., Hottenga, J. J., Trull, T. J., & Boomsma, D. I. (2008)....Trull, T. J., Useda, J. D., Conforti, K., & Doan, B. (1997)....Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 108, 615–623. CrossRef Woods, D. W.,...

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Artificial turf preparation

A process for field preparation of a fibrous turf on a surface by steps including: (a) inserting fibers into a backing to obtain a backing with inserted fibers; (b) laying a receiving matrix on the surface; (c) bringing a portion of t...

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The Behavioralist Visits the Factory: Increasing Productivity Using Simple Framing Manipulations

There is evidence that framing can be used to ...Econometrica 72(2):615–625. List JA (2011) ...Pope DG, Schweitzer ME (2011) Is Tiger Woods ...

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Forest pathogens with higher damage potential due to climate change in Europe

Jülich, if this fungus is used for biological ...351: 605–615. Swinton, J., and Gilligan, C...Woods, A.J., Coates, D.K., and Hamann, A...

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Joint Analysis of Cluster Observations: I. Mass Profile of Abell 478 from Combined X-ray, Sunyaev-Z'eldovich, and Weak Lensing Data

(15) The widely used Hernquist (1990) profile ...A., Fahlman, G., Woods, D., Neumann, D. ...J. 2004, ApJ, 615, 63 Vikhlinin, A. 2006,...

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Formation of Water in the Warm Atmospheres of Protoplanetary Disks

actually used a MRN distribution with a1 = 0.01...(2008), Woods and Willacy (2008), and Gorti ...& Igea, J. 2004, ApJ, 615, 972 (GNI04) ...

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Liquid CO 2 injection for geological storage in deep saline aquifers

Figure 15 can be used as a reference to assess...38   Rayward-Smith WJ, Woods AW (2011). ...(May), 607–615. Yeo IW, De Freitas MH, ...

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