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Antibody fusion proteins: anti-CD22 recombinant immunotoxin moxetumomab pasudotox

Baluna R, Rizo J, Gordon BE, Ghetie V, Vitetta ES. Evidence for a structural motif in toxins and interleukin-2 that may be responsible for binding to endothelial cells and ...Locations: National Institutes of Health (NIH), Sarah Canno...

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GATE: a simulation toolkit for PET and SPECT

Portland, Oregon Harrison R L, Vannoy S D, Haynor D R, Gillipsie S B, Kaplan M S, Lewellen T K 1993 Preliminary experience with the photon generator module of a public-...22 209-234 Marsaglia G, Zaman A 1987 Toward a Universal Random ...

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In vitro growth and regulation of bone marrow enriched CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors in Diamond-Blackfan anemia

Thc rcccntly tlcscrihcd hcniatopoi- ctic SCF (;ilso callcd mast ccll growth fwtor. stccl locus factor. c-kit ligand) has hccn shown to intlucc an incrcilsctl prolifc... March CJ, Boswell HS, Gimpel SD, Cosman D, Williams DE: Molecular...

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Assessment of the age-specific disability weight of chronic schistosomiasis japonica

Abstract OBJECTIVE: To estimate the age-specific disability weight of chronic schistosomiasis japonica in China. METHODS: Between October 2004 and Janua...

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phylogenomics: Version of scripts used for New Phytologist publication

This version corresponds to the scripts used in doi:10.1111/nph.12956

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Soil management in relation to sustainable ...

ScienceDirect features may not work properly in your current browser version. For the best product experience, we recommend you upgrade to a newer version of IE or use a different ...Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI), Invergowri... 批量引用  收藏Evidence for a Gradual Decline in the Universal Rest-FrameUltraviolet Luminosity Density for z <1LL Cowie , A Songaila , AJ Barger -  《Astronomical Jou...  -  2007  -  被引量:  194 3.2. Provided only that the small HDF is a representative Ðeld, even the very conservative and extremely robust version of the argu- ment requires a shallower slope than has ...[ 1 rest-frame UV luminosity density is based on the sma...

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Defining pediatric malnutrition: a paradigm shift toward etiology-related definitions.

> OnlineFirst Version of Record - Mar 25, 2013 What is This? Downloaded from at ULB - Bibliotheque...environment and the presump- tive effect (ie, the patient-specific expression of this nutrient imbalance as a negativ...

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Roadmap to new virulence determinants in Pseudomonas syringae: insights from comparative genomics and genome organization

This information on DC3000 tran- scripts is not only providing confirmation for gene products identified by orthology, such...L., Petnicki- Ocwieja, T., van Dijk, K., and Collmer, A. 2000. The Pseudomonas sy- ringae Hrp pathogenicity ...

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Subunits of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae signal recognition particle required for its functional expression

Using truncated versions of SRP68 and assessing binding of the truncated proteins to SRP RNA and SRP72, Liitcke et al...Consequences of loss of SRP subunit function The phenotypes of yeast strains lacking SRP proteins or the scRI RNA,...

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