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Taking an Attention‐Grabbing “Headlines First!” Approach to Engage Students in a Lecture Setting

Volume 14, Issue 4, pages 136–141, October 2015Additional Information Howto Cite Harris, G. K., Stevenson, C. ...By the time an individual becomes a faculty member, they will have collected a number of stories, personal or otherwis...

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Dynamic peer-to-peer construction of clusters

[3]. This algorithm elects the processor with the highest identification number as the leader. All the processors start ...The most important step in clustering is tochoose a subset of all available features, which are appropriate to...

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Introduction to Apache Maven 2

IBM Bluemix Develop in the cloud at the click of a button! Start your free trial Sign in | Register ›My ...He has contributed to Professional Apache Geronimo, Beginning JavaServer Pages, Professional Apache Tomcat 5, Pro JSP - ... T...

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Gradation coding to express sentiment

TECHNICAL FIELD - Top of Page The present invention relates generally to the field of electronic communications and, ...number of reasons, for example, the user may not want to write out a comment, the user might be shy about leaving...

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If the above link should be unavail- able, visit the author's homepage which is presently located at http://www....Understand howto re-start the random number generator and howto perform different starts when the continuation data f...

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H7N9 Risk Communication:Candor but No Push to Prepare

Posted: May 16, 2013 This page is categorized as: Hover here forArticle SummaryThis is a sequel to my April 8, ... The number of cases is climbing much more slowly than it was in the early weeks. The lull might be attributable

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System and Method for Detecting and Preventing Automated Interaction Based on Detected Actions Performed by User to Solve a Proffere...

so as to tap, move, “slide”, or “drag” a graphical “Actor” object from a starting location to either a ...In one embodiment, client applications may include a web browser 411, which renders HTML pages received from an operator ...

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Attraction properties for general urn processes and applications to a class of interacting reinforced particle systems

0. We denote the second coordinate of particle i ∈ {1, 2} associated to edge j ∈ {0, 1, 2} at time s, ...Think of a consumer that has tochoose between two products. He will not only observe how many times in the past ...reinforced ...

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Network Address Translation and Peer-to-Peer Applications (NATP2P)

but instead must share a single public IP address with a number of other hosts on the same private network using the...consistent, permanently usable ports to which incoming TCP or UDP connections from "the Internet at large" Ford [P...

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Exploiting host resistance to reduce the use of fungicides to control potato late blight

Volume 56, Issue 1, pages 156–166, February 2007Additional Information Howto Cite Nærstad, R., Hermansen, A....infestans. The epidemic often starts late in the season and there are often long periods when conditions are unfavourab...

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