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Browser extension that processes text to facilitate commerce on social media

A system (FIG. 1 ) that extracts designated text from a web page displayed in an internet browser, and uses that extracted text as an identifier to look-up associated payment information which is transmitted to a payment processing se...

Stars: 99 Updated: March 25th,2018

Supporting efficient access to object properties in a dynamic object-oriented programming language

to determine howto access the memory field associated with the property; dynamically generating a new code stub to ...In one embodiment of the present invention, the system uses prediction techniques to carefully choose the amount of...

Stars: 127 Updated: March 25th,2018

Method and system to provide information alerts via an interactive video casting system

A method and system for providing information alerts via interactive video casting based on user configurable profile data is disclosed. While a user is watching a television program, such as professional football game, the viewer may...

Stars: 113 Updated: March 25th,2018

Periodic broadcast and location of evolving media content with application to seminar and stroke media

A user can select a coarse view of the stroke data to quickly see the stroke history. Additionally, techniques are ... and a hierarchical data structure is similar to a tree in the sense that it starts at a “root” node and ...Such m...

Stars: 133 Updated: March 25th,2018

Using a hierarchical file system for indexing data broadcast to a client from a network of servers

2. A broadcast file system for delivering data from a plurality of servers to a client, said broadcast file system ... Upon viewing the directory index broadcast from the BFS server 208, the client application may chooseto open a fi...

Stars: 127 Updated: March 25th,2018

Enhancement of communications by peer-to-peer collaborative web browsing

In a preferred embodiment, the present system comprises a Web server used to set up a collaborative browsing session ... 12. The method of claim 1, wherein the first participant has a dedicated Web page from which a participant may...

Stars: 94 Updated: March 25th,2018

Data processing system and method for providing a hyperlink to a lowest priced offering of a current item

Document Type and Number: United States Patent 9224164 Abstract: A data processing system comprises a client device access a list providing groups of internet addresses of online retailer internet pages, each group having two or...

Stars: 137 Updated: March 25th,2018

System and method for applying probability distribution models to dialog systems in the troubleshooting domain

6. The method of claim 1, wherein partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) are used toselect ... computer or components of a computer, cellular phone or other communications device, household appliances, and web page...

Stars: 143 Updated: March 25th,2018

Method and system for on-demand delivery of personalized internet-based content to television viewers

box identifier in response to input received from the customer through a web page solicits the customer's email address....From this list, the customer can select a particular item of predetermined VoD content for viewing on the custo...

Stars: 131 Updated: March 25th,2018

Method and apparatus for diverting callers to Web sessions

[0007] Embodiments ofthe invention provide a method and apparatus With Which a customer interaction that begins in a non...gured Web page Whenever the customer calls a prede?ned number, by a registered customer device initiating a lin...

Stars: 75 Updated: March 25th,2018

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