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What is a remote desktop device redirector bus


Legacy filter support in a new managed file system filter model

A?le system creates adevice object as it loads, and the ?le system ...the Windows@ NTFS (Windows@ NT File System), FAT, CDFS, SMB redirector ...Whatis claimed is: 1. A system that facilitates management of a ?le ...

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Delivering a single end user experience to a client from multiple servers

Methods, systems, and computer readable media are disclosed for creating a multi-port client server connection in aremotedesktop environment. In an embodiment, the multi-client server connection can decouple client-server connection...

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Method and system for generating a graphical display for aremote terminal session

In one aspect the invention relates to a method for generating a graphical display for aremote terminal session. The method includes monitoring output produced by an application program executing on a server, identifying a bitmap rep...

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Entropy coder for image compression

Entropy coder for image compression.Example embodiments of the present disclosure provide for a fast entropy coder/decoder for use in real time image compression. A method of processing graphics data for transmission to aremote compu...

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Redirection of embedded content

A method for extracting content from a data store includes creating a file identifier mapped to an item. The method includes receiving a request that seeks cached access to the item and that is not directed to the item. In response to...

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Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Part 2: Network Protection Technologies

connected to the computer by means of a Universal Serial Bus (USB) ...What existing functionality is changing in Windows XP Service Pack 2? ...all the ports will be closed, including the port used by RemoteDesktop...

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Remote application presentation over a public network connection

Web access over a public network for applications that operate on virtual desktops on a plurality of servers is facilitated. Through the web access the user is provided with the information necessary to establish a connection with an ...

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Redirection of notifications to a wireless user device

Redirecting a notification to a wireless user device includes registering for notification of incoming messages for an account on a message server, the incoming messages being directed to an account o... is associated with aremote de...

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Real-time compression with GPU/CPU

Whatis claimed: 1. In a system comprising a processor and memory, a method...Aremotedesktop system isa computer system that maintains applications that...In addition to remoting graphics and audio, a plug and play redirector 458...

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Migrating data from legacy storage systems to object storage systems

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for migrating a dataset from a file storage system to an object storage system. That is, a snapshot of a file system may be received from the file storage system. The snapshot may com...

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