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How to finish copper


Improvement of copper semi-finished billet manufacture for electrical engineering purposes

Work for improving the quality of copper billets for manufacture of domestic electrical engineering components is carried out in two directions: improve...

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Improvements in or relating to decorative finish on copper and its alloys.

This study investigated how young healthy subjects control their equilibrium in situations of instability specifically elicited by a reduced capacity of...

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Double matte finishcopper foil

The present invention provides a novel copper foil wherein both surfaces have a matte finish. The double matte foil of the present invention is produced by depositing a first layer of copper foil, of a predetermined thickness, using c...

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Method and system for the production of semi-finishedcopper products as well as method and apparatus for application of a wash

In a method for the production of semi-finishedcopper products, first copper is melted and cast to produce copper anodes, in one casting procedure, within multiple ingot molds, subsequently copper cathodes are formed by electrolysis,...

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A student manual for copper tooling

Howtofinish the background • • • • » • • . . • • 75 ill CHAPTER PAGE 15* Howto tool a border * • • • * • • ♦ # ♦ • ...53 V PREFACE This student manual was prepared for the purpose of helping students in developing t...

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HIGH LEVEL COPPER FOR GROWING-FINISHIN G SWINE 1 on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.... HIGH LEVEL COPPER FOR GROWING-FINISHIN G SWINE 1H. D. WALLACE BILLY BASS G. E. COMBS Full-text preview Available from: jas...

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Copper phthalocyanine liquid finished preparation

The new aqueous finished preparations of copper phthalocyanine dyestuffs comprising a dyestuff of the formula ##STR1## where CuPc, A, R, R, x and y have the meaning given in the description, are storage-stable and are outstandingly su...

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Determination of Cadmium, Lead, Copper and Arsenic in Raw Cocoa, Semifinished and Finished Chocolate Products

The levels of cadmium, lead, copper and arsenic were determined in two batches of raw cocoa and semifinished chocolate products sampled at various inter...

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Preferred copper plated finish and method of making same

A copper plated material having at least a surface that is pretreated, copper plated, heat treated, and having a predetermined color blend incorporated into the surface of the material is provided. The present invention also provides ...

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Improvement of manufacture technology of semifinished goods from industrial copper

The main cause of crack formation in the process of rolling copper ingots is the formation of internal stresses in casting. Increase in phosphor cont...

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