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How to poison yourself to death


Food PoisoningtoDeath by Podostroma cornu-damae, Its Case History and Autopsy Findings

ABSTRACT A 55-year-old man ingested mushroom (Podostroma cornu-damae), which contains macrocyclic trichothecene mycotoxin, and died about 82 h later de...

Stars: 112 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Early death due to severe organophosphate poisoning is a centrally mediated process

To distinguish whether early death from severe organophosphate (OP) poisoning with dichlorvos is mediated through peripheral or central nervous system (...

Stars: 108 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Using textual cause-of-death data to study drug poisoningdeaths

Death certificate data are often used to study the epidemiology of poisoningdeaths, but the International Classification of...death data do not convey all of the available information about the drugs and other substances named on dea...

Stars: 82 Updated: March 23rd,2018

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