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Indigenousknowledge and pedagogy in First Nations education

Indigenousknowledge and pedagogy in First Nations educationBattiste, MarieBattiste, Marie. (2002). IndigenousKnowledge and Pedagogy in First Nations Education: A Literature Review with Recommendations. Prepared for the National Work...

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IndigenousKnowledge Systems and Alaska Native Ways of Knowing

Drawing on experiences across Fourth World contexts, with an emphasis on the Alaska context, this article seeks to extend our understandings of the lear...

Stars: 79 Updated: September 5th,2018

Working with indigenousknowledge : guide for researchers /Louise Grenier

The book focuses on what indigenousknowledge can contribute to a sustainable development strategy that accounts for the potential of the local environm...

Stars: 94 Updated: September 5th,2018

The value of indigenousknowledge in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the African Sahel

Past global efforts at dealing with the problem of global warming concentrated on mitigation, with the aim of reducing and possibly stabilizing greenhou...

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The Development of IndigenousKnowledge

The widespread adoption of bottom‐up participation as opposed to top‐down modernisation approaches has opened up challenging opportunities for anthrop...

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IndigenousKnowledge for Biodiversity Conservation

Gadgil, M.; Berkes, F.; Folke, C.

Stars: 64 Updated: September 5th,2018

Indigenousknowledge and science revisited

This article provides a guided tour through three diverse cultural ways of understanding nature: an Indigenous way (with a focus on Indigenous nations i...

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Transmission of IndigenousKnowledge and Bush Skills Among the Western James Bay Cree Women of Subarctic Canada

The transmission of 93 items of women's indigenousknowledge and bush skills was studied in two subarctic Omushkego (West Main) Cree Indian communities,...

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Protecting IndigenousKnowledge and Heritage: A Global Challenge

The controversies surrounding intellectual property protection are most obvious when it comes to protecting indigenousknowledge. The firmly entrenched ...

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Indigenousknowledge and the politics of classification

New strategies to protect and popularise indigenousknowledge have emerged in recent years as interest in indigenousknowledge has intensified. This art...

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