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The Distributed Control System Design of the Sewage Disposal System Based On Industry Ethernet Net

This paper presents a design project of sewage disposal system based o n Kingview and PLC, introduces the concrete automation control project, Ethernet ...

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Research about Knowledge Integration of Netlike Industry Chain

This paper reviews that knowledge integration is the nature of netlike industry chain integration.SECI procedure over industry chain construct the flat ...

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Employers' Guide to Grants Scheme, 1969/70.

This booklet gives details, approved by the British Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity, of grants which will be paid by the Knitting, La...

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Energy balance of the global photovoltaic (PV) industry--is the PV industry a net electricity producer?

A combination of declining costs and policy measures motivated by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and energy security have driven rapid growth ...

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IndustryNet: A Model for Commerce on the World Wide Web

In describing a Web-based on-line information gathering tool, the authors show how the system adapts to meet each user's needs and learns from user beha...

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Net loss: the salmon netcage industry in British Columbia.

Net Loss: The Salmon Netcage Industry in British Columbia. PDF document: .Ellis, D.W. 1996. Net Loss: the salmon netcage industry ...

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Value Innovation Collaboration and Platform Leadership of Netlike Industry Chain

Innovation of netlike industry chain is distributed,which is different from traditional innovation mode.Platform leader of innovation should coordinate ...

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IndustryNetdoi:10.1016/S1350-4789(96)80027-4《Sealing Technology》...

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