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Pyrrole Natural Products with Antitumor Properties

John T. GuptonAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, Gottwald Science Center, University of Richmond Email author ... 29. Heim A, Terpin A, Steglich W (1997) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 36:155 CrossRef 30. Peschko C, Winklhofer C,... 55...

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Self-Reported Versus Objective Measures of Health in Retirement Models

WonuWdlidthhsaoeetuneimttsemrmaotohrnreeea,htluaaebrsaaollttrhhoefinonrredeciaiefc,dawehtroeewaraslirt,lehrlesatlehan...John BoundUniversity of Wisconsin PressThe Journal of Human ResourcesBound J. Self-Reported Versus Objective Measu...

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UVB-Induced Alterations in Permeability Barrier Function: Roles for Epidermal Hyperproliferation and Thymocyte-Mediated Response

III sf'" h ybridization for interleukin-2 and illtcrlcukin-2 receptor J11R.NA in T -ce lls activ:ltcd in the...(0 / 8: 149-155. 1995 Kruisbeek AM, Shcvach E: Ilf IJirrtJ assays for mouse lymphocyte function. In: Coligan ...John H Eps...

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An efficient genetic algorithm for job shop scheduling with tardiness objectives

Bierwirth / European Journal of Operational Research 155 (2004) 616–630 623 By increasing this number we can approximate arbitrarily large GA computation times, but we will hardly be...John, D.J., 2002. Co-evolution with the Bierwirt...

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Empires, Exceptions, and Anglo-Saxons: Race and Rule between the British and United States Empires, 1880–1910

hichhasrecentltyakenso decisivae stride.T"hatstudyh,ewarned",wouldbeveryimperfeicftitfailedclearltyorecog- nize... ...involvednotonlyrecognizinrgacialidentityand fashionindgiplomaticoop- erationfromitbutalsodebatingtheboundarieasndcha...

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Positional faithfulness, positional neutralisation and Shona vowel harmony

NOTES For helpful discussion, I would like to thank John Alderete, Eric Bakovic, Laura Benua, Laura Walsh Dickey, ...136-155. Doke, Clement M. (1954). A textbook of Zulu grammar. Cape Town: Longmans, Green & Co. Doke, Clement M...NLLT...

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Evolution of cytochrome P-450 proteins.

1986a John et al. 1986 Yoshioka et al. 1986 Chaplin et al. 1986 Gonzalez et al. 1985 Molowa et al. 1986 Beaune et al. 1986 Morohashi et al. 1984 Chashchin et al. 1986 Chung et al. 19863 Hardwick et al. 1987 Haniu et al. 1982 Unger et ...

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Recent advances in permafrost modelling

(1 km2) characterisation of active-layer thickness and was used as the basis for the GIPL 1.0, an interactive GIS model designed to estimate the long-term response of permafrost ...Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Permafrost a...

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Cyclin/cdk complexes: Their involvement in cell cycle progression and mitotic division

Plant Mol Biol 37: 155–169 Hush JM, Wu L, John PCL, Hepler LH, Hepler PK (1996) Plant mitosis promoting factor disassembles the microtubule pre-prophase band and accelerates... Resnitzky D, Hengst L, Reed SI (1995) Cyclin A-associat...

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Out-of-sample forecast tests robust to the choice of window size

(1968), Convergence of Probability Measures, John Wiley & Sons: New York, NY. [2] Chao, J.C., V. Corradi and ...Sample Mean Squared Prediction Errors to Test the Martingale Di¤erence Hypothesis", Journal of Econometrics 135, 155–186...

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