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Avoiding the IRSpenalty box

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Contesting IRSpenalties

Contesting IRSpenaltiesCrouch, Holmes F...

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IRSPenalties: What to Expect

The tax deadline has come and gone and if you didn’t file your return or pay your tax liability, here’s what you can expect from the IRS.

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Avoiding IRSpenalties.

Avoiding IRSpenalties.Combs R.Combs RDental economics - oral hygiene...

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Penalties: IRSPenalty Assessments on the Rise

The number of accuracy related penalties assessed by the IRS has risen dramatically over the past five years. The IRS is getting more aggressive about ...

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Homebuyer Can Tap IRA, Avoid IRSPenalty

You'll owe income taxes if you take funds from your IRA to use as down payment on a home.

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Comments on IRSpenalty handbook: Information return penalties

Presents the Tax Executives Institute's comments on portions of the Internal Revenue Service's draft penalty handbook relating to information reporting penalties. Intentional disregard of the rules and regulations; Special abatement p...

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Immigrant Still Faces IRSPenalty

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Immigrant Still Faces IRSPenalty" by Finotti, John - The Florida Times Union, March 9, 1997

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Tax Court Ruling on PenaltyCalculations Favors IRS

when the court sustains the accuracy-related penalty on one of two IRS adjustments, the penalty should be based on the difference between the tax on the taxpayer's total corrected taxable income and the tax on the taxpayer's taxable i...

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Web Help with IRSPenalties

IRVINE, Calif. (NYT) -- One of the most common problems business owners face is being hit with a penalty by the Internal Revenue Service for not complying with its intricate rules for quickly turning over to the government the income ...

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