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Island biogeography model


Towards a glacial‐sensitive model of islandbiogeography

Although the role that Pleistocene glacial cycles have played in shaping the present biota of oceanic islands world-wide has long been recognized, their...

Stars: 74 Updated: March 23rd,2018

The Habitat-Unit Model of IslandBiogeography

A review of the aims and present status of islandbiogeography indicates that within-island habitat heterogeneity remains a major stumbling-block in current models, which incorporate its effects by including various indices of habitat...

Stars: 57 Updated: March 23rd,2018

A system dynamics model of islandbiogeography

The MacArthur-Wilson equilibrium theory of islandbiogeography has been one of the more influential concepts in modern biogeography and ecology. In this paper, we synthesize the theory and examine effects of different immigration/exti...

Stars: 59 Updated: March 23rd,2018

On the general dynamic model of oceanic islandbiogeography

Aim To investigate the biological meaning of equations used to apply the general dynamic model (GDM) of oceanic islandbiogeography proposed by R. J. Wh...

Stars: 75 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Speciation and endemism under the model of islandbiogeography

Abstract Speciation has been considered as a primary process contributing to species diversity, but its contribution to the diversity of local communiti...

Stars: 79 Updated: March 23rd,2018

A global model of islandbiogeography

ABSTRACT Aim  The goal of our study was to build a global model of islandbiogeography explaining bird species richness that combines MacArthur and Wi...

Stars: 47 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Dynamic disequilibrium: a long‐term, large‐scale perspective on the equilibrium model of islandbiogeography

Abstract 1 The equilibrium model of islandbiogeography developed in the 1960s by MacArthur and Wilson has provided an excellent framework in which to i...

Stars: 144 Updated: March 23rd,2018

A species-based, hierarchical model of islandbiogeography

It is over twenty years since Jared Diamond focused attention on the possible existence of assembly rules for communities. Since then there has been a proliferation of studies trying to promote, refute, or test the idea that there are...

Stars: 74 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Snails on oceanic islands: testing the general dynamic model of oceanic islandbiogeography using linear mixed effect models

AimWe collate and analyse data for land snail diversity and endemism, as a means of testing the explanatory power of the general dynamic model of oceani...

Stars: 160 Updated: March 23rd,2018

A unified model of islandbiogeography sheds light on the zone of radiation

Abstract Ecology letters (2011) 14 : 552–560 Abstract Islands acquire species through immigration and speciation. Models of islandbiogeography should...

Stars: 96 Updated: March 23rd,2018

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