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Strength, power output and symmetry of leg muscles: Effect of age and history of falling

Izquierdo M, Ibanez J, Gorostiaga E, Garrues M, Zuniga A, Anton A, Larrion JL, Hakkinen K (1999) Maximal strength and power characteristics in isometric and dynamic actions of ... Robinson BS, Gordon JM, Wallentine SW, Visio M (2004)...

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Ascorbic acid in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT-TRIAAL and CMT-TRAUK): a double-blind randomised trial

Secondary outcomes were timed 10 m walk test, nine-hole peg test, overall neuropathy limitations scale, distal maximal voluntary isometric contraction, visual analogue scales for pain and...Pareyson D, Reilly MM, Schenone A, Fabrizi G...

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The treatment of heart failure

Low level endurance muscle activity, such as walking, should be encouraged, whereas strenu- ous isometric activities should be discouraged. Specific exercise training needs to be tailored...[47] La Canna G, Alfieri O, Giubini R, Garga...

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Calcium-activated muscle from hypertrophied rabbit hearts. Mechanical and correlated biochemical changes

In this set of force-velocity experiments, the max- imal isometric tension P g/mm2; diameter = 0.15 o of H ± 0.05 bundles (4.1 ± mm) was not 1.8 sig- nificantly ...Basic Res Cardiol 72: 153-159, 1977 Anversa P, Vitali-Mazza L, Visio...

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