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A generalized parallel replica dynamics

For each problem we compare the direct, serial ...• For fixed tolerance, as the number of ...doi:10.1016/ BinderTony...

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Explicit integration with GPU acceleration for large kinetic networks

times faster than the serial implicit calculation....the avail- able number of streaming multi...doi:10.1016/ Brock...

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ERG protein expression over time: from diagnostic biopsies to radical prostatectomy specimens in clinically localised prostate cancer

Original article Downloaded from on June 9, 2015 - ...Median number of tumour foci was three (IQR 2–4) per patient. In total...90% to 95% for patients undergoing serial biopsies and radical prostatectomy...

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Building material and method

P. Leemhuis, Serialnumber 226,920, filed August 26, 1938, and entitled "Method and apparatus M3 for molding."...© 2004-2015 All rights reserved. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. A SumoBrain Solutions Compa...

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Authors: HEERKENS, JCP Pagination: p. 30-33 Publication Date: 1989-6 Serial: ASFALT Volume: 16Issue Number: 2...Copyright © 2015 National Academy of Sciences. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use and Privacy Statement ...

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IBM service management architecture

and serialnumber of the server, or equivalently the MAC (media access control...Requests—JSR# 168, The Java Community Process,

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Automatic Generation of Object-Oriented Tests with a Multistage-Based Genetic Algorithm

We encode this object into binary number using its serialnumber. We are ...doi:10.4304/jcp.5.10.1560-1569Ahmed S. GhidukDBLPJournal of Computers...

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WHITTLE, R W DALTON, JCP Pagination: p. 30-...Serial: GROUND ENGINEERING Volume: 23Issue Number...Copyright © 2015 National Academy of Sciences...

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National sero-prevalence survey for Chagas Disease in Brazil (2001-2008). Antecedents, objectives and results application. Record Number 20133086631...©2015 CABI Selected records Search History Select: All / None ...

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From Godunov to a unified hybridized discontinuous Galerkin framework for partial differential equations

The number of the algebraic constraints in (4.31...scheme in a serial manner, element-after-element...doi:10.1016/ Bui-Thanh...

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