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Retailer keeps focus on bedroom

Retail store inception and history; Focus on children's bedroom furniture; Major manufactures and vendors; Retail price of cribs and full beds; Infant-youth sales ratio; Non-furniture ... The article presents questions and answers rel...

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Drop-side cribs

Hazard: Part of the crib’s drop side can fall out of position, creating a space into which an infant or toddler can roll and become trapped. ...Sold at: and the JCPenney catalog from January 1998 through December 2008 fo...

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For this example, a collection of 350 brands was gathered from online department stores like Nordstrom and Amazon, and includes baby equipment (i.e. cribs, strollers, etc.), shoes,... a filtering operation is performed on the collecti...

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Eggs. Shrek Glasses. Sure, but What Was the Top Recall of 2010?

The recalls have been issued by various companies, including C&T International/ Sorelle, Golden Baby cribs, and Alexander Designs Ltd (sold at JCPenney), and Jardine (sold at Babies 'R' Us). #2 Eggs The largest egg recall in US histo...

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