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Jesus is my homeboy


NOTES & THEORIES: England, My England, Where Pistachio Fields Meet Marmalade Skies

She is a teenager with a prosthetically implanted cellphone, in a microskirt and make-up, often wearing a "JesusismyHomeboy" T-shirt. And in the garden I saw a Sciurus carolinensis hopping from tree to tree. Never mind that in this...

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Le Christ au miroir de la photographie contemporaine (1981-2011)

(1997-98) de Bettina Rheims, les Photographies apocryphes (1994-98) d'Olivier Christinat, les Seven Bible Scenes (1998) de Rauf Mamedov, Ecce homo (1996-98) d'Elisabeth Ohlson, JesusismyHomeboy (2003) de David LaChapelle ou encore ...

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Beware of Darwin Day

While the bobblehead is somewhere on the level of a “Jesusismyhomeboy” t-shirt, the desire for Darwinism to serve as the filter for a scientist’s thoughts tells the true message of this “holiday.” Besides honoring Darwin as a ...

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This article reports on faith-based television programs to children and teenagers offered by religious networks in the U.S. Broadband offers video on the Internet and digital cable and direct-broadcasting satellite services have expan...

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JesusIsMyHomeboy.(relegious programs for children)

JesusIsMyHomeboy.(relegious programs for children)Downey, KevinBroadcasting and Cable...

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A Content Analysis of Jesus Merchandise

Jesusismyhomeboy. Retrieved November 3, 2006, from http://www.broadcastingcable. com/article/CA6357457.html Dressler, C. (1996, February 12). Holy socks! This line sends Christian message. Marketing News, 30(4), 4. Einstein, M. (20...

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"Jesus, MyHomeboy": Teaching Bruce Barton's Jesus in Twenty-First Century Texas

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:  html_title  “Jesus, MyHomeboy” Teaching Bruce Barton’s Jesus in Twenty-First Century Texas  /html_title  Erin A. Smith (bio) For many years, I...

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Lord of the Tees

The article describes the popularity of "JesusIsMyHomeboy" T-shirts, which have been spotted hugging the toned torsos of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Lara Flynn Boyle. The clothing chain has no overt religious connections.

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Obama: Lucifer IsMyHomeboy

The author reflects on the criticism made by U.S. Democrats to Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin while comparing presidential contender Barack Obama to Jesus Christ. She cites the reason why liberals claimed that Pali...

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Par-eikon: przypadek Ostatniej Wieczerzy

The text is an attempt to analyze the evolution of aesthetic forms and motifs discussed on the example of the so-called “great figure” The Last Supper – the starting point for the analysis of the motif is the photography of David L...

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