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Issuance of decisions concerning the appointment of a notary

20 Judicial opinions did not rely on the records of the ConstitutionalConvention during early years for the simple reason that judges and lawyers did not have access to the records....(spoke at the state ratifying convention but was ...

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The design of the library is explained , with focus given to its stained glass window and wooden conference table. The rare books and historic documents found in the library are also discussed, including the proceedings of Alabama's 1...

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JohnLangdon: Soldier-Statesmen of the Constitution. A Bicentennial Series No. 13.

As a wealthy international trader, JohnLangdon contributed his highly developed business acumen during the Revolutionary War to the problem of supplyin...

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The Founder's Blog

ConstitutionalConvention in 1787. Although not a leading member of that convention, he did support a strong national government, opposed slavery, the congress powers to tax import and ...On December 15, 1774 Joseph was with John Lang...

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“I follow the opinion of these rabbis” in the Midrash, explained John Milton, who studied the rabbinic text either in Latin translation or possibly in the original, in a 1654 ...Samuel Langdon, pastor and representative to New Hamps...

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John Blair, Jr.

George Washington John Adams, Mount Vernon, Continental Army, Alexander Hamilton, Commanding General of the United States ...independent states and loyally supported fellow Virginians James Madison and George Washington at the Consti...

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JohnLangdon Down

JohnLangdon (June 26, 1741 – September 18, 1819), a Founding Father of the United States who, as a delegate to the ConstitutionalConvention signed the United States Constitution, was a politician from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a...

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Charles F. Manderson

John James Ingalls Samuel C. Pomeroy, Middleton, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Kansas, William A... and was the city attorney of Omaha for six years, as well as being a member of the State constitutional conven...

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High-resolution genomic profiling of chromosomal aberrations using Infinium whole-genome genotyping

This is particularly important since copy-neutral LOH is receiving greater attention as a mechanism of possible tumor initiation (Langdon et al. 2006). In tumorigenesis, copy-neutral ...We demonstrate the detection of various chromo- ...

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John Bannon "The Disillusionment of Sir John Downer*"

questioned by the Labor leader John McPherson he again interjected ‘It is to prevent the evasion of the Constitution!’ Impatient with attacks on the court on the grounds of that it was just a way for lawyers to make money, he pointe...

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