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Complex pigment compositions for coating of paper

JPS59193964A 1984-11-02 Primary Examiner: Lieberman, Paul Assistant Examiner: Skane, Christine A. Attorney...KronosTest 29"A" Na+1 0.35 Thick, of pastySettingencyPrior ArtSupplied by or congealingthe firmKronosTest 30"A...

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Colored magnetically attractable toner powder, its preparation, and developing images with such powder

JPS5142539A 1976-04-10 Other References: Early-Disclosure Patent Gazette Japan No. 76-46131, Hitachi KK 18.10.74...20 g of titanium dioxide (Type RN59 from Kronos A. G. of Germany) were dispersed in 50 ml of demineralised wate...

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Non-chromate corrosion inhibitor formulas based on zirconium vanadium oxide compositions

JPH03279220A 1991-12-10 JPS60103037A 1985-06-07 Other References: Kamalika Roy, D. K. Pal, S. Basu, Dalia...Kronos) Pigment (Varies with trial) 300.50 32.38% Disperbyk 111 (Wetting Additive— 20.000 2.15% BYK Corp)...

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Ink for ceramic surfaces

JPS6456776U 1989-04-10 JPH08134388A 1996-05-28 JPH02284678A 1990-11-22 JPH0362863A 1991-03-18 Primary...Kronos 2300 - 17.1 g PMA - 6.79 g Disperbyk-163 - 2.48 g Dowanol DB - 22.38 g 8 Frit TEST 1 - 55...

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Optical fiber ferrule

JPS63205618A 1988-08-25 Other References: "Alumina vs. Zirconia for Optical Connectors," Anderson et al., Connection...Titanium Dioxide is available from Tam Ceramics, Inc., Kronos, Inc., Houston, Tex.; Whittaker, Clark, and ...

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Depressive symptoms and carotid intima–media thickness in South American Hispanics: results from the PREVENCION study

doi:10.1016/j.jpsychires.2006.01.003 Ohira, T., Diez Roux, A. V...menopausal women screened for the Kronos early estrogen prevention study (...

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Composition based on an aqueous dispersion of an addition polymer

JP0018554 January, 1985 524/265 JPS6018554A 1985-01-30 Other References: Rhoplex LIC-67 Acrylic Emulsion for Plasticizer...Snowwhite, LZM, MOSA 676 parts by weight Maastricht Titanium white, Kornos A, ex Kronos 14 parts by weight T...

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Temperature indicating compositions

JPS63176180A 1988-07-20 Primary Examiner: Michl, Paul R. Assistant Examiner: Yoon, Tae H. Attorney...For each example, the titanium dioxide was Kronos 2020 available from the Kronos Corporation. For each example, the...

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Carboxyl group-terminated polyesteramides

JP590155477 September, 1984 JPS5915547A 1984-01-26 Primary Examiner: Acquah, Samuel A. Attorney, Agent or Firm: ...(1) Araldite GT7004 (Ciba Geigy) (2) Kronos CL310 (Ciba Geigy) (3) Resiflow PV5 (Worlee Chemie) (4) Araldite...

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Verifying Timed Properties of Security Protocols

[JPS05] G. Jakubowska, W. Penczek, and M. Srebrny. Verifying security protocols with timestamps via translation to...Yovine. KRONOS: A verification tool for real-time systems. International Journal of Software Tools for Technology ...

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