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Feeding Ecology of Three Sympatric Species of Leatherjackets (Pisces : Monacanthidae) from a Posidonia Seagrass Habitat in New South...

Three species of leatherjackets, Monacanthus chinensis, Meuschenia freycineti and Meuschenia trachylepis, averaged 34% of the total biomass and 27% of the total numbers of fishes in a Posidonia australis seagrass habitat near Sydney...

Stars: 176 Updated: September 4th,2018

Reproductive ecology of the black reef leatherjacket, Eubalichthys bucephalus (Monacanthidae) in temperate Australia

Reproductive ecology of the black reef leatherjacket, Eubalichthys bucephalus (Monacanthidae), was studied in temperate Australia. The fish lived in th...

Stars: 151 Updated: September 4th,2018

Leatherjackets in grassland.

The biology and ecology of the tipulid pests of grassland are considered in relation to their pest status in the UK. There are 5 main tipulid species (a...

Stars: 36 Updated: September 4th,2018

Within‚Äźgeneration dynamics of leatherjackets (Tipula paludosa Meig.)

Larvae of Tipula paludosa (leatherjackets) are pests of grassland and cereals, and important prey items for a range of farmland birds. Their population ...

Stars: 91 Updated: September 4th,2018

The Determination of Numbers of Leatherjackets in Sample Turves

1. A method of determining numbers of leatherjackets (larvae of the Tipula oleracea group) on sample turves, the hot water process, is described. This c...

Stars: 82 Updated: September 4th,2018

Improvements in rearing laboratory cultures of leatherjackets (Tipula spp.) (Dipt., Tipulidae)

Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis is recommended for subgroups of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected adults and children to reduce all-cause morbidity ...

Stars: 122 Updated: September 4th,2018

Chemical Control of Leatherjackets (Diptera: Tipulidae) in Grassland

The control of leatherjackets in grassland by insecticides which were potential alternatives to DDT was tested in four series of field trials between 19...

Stars: 88 Updated: September 4th,2018

Sampling leatherjackets

All aspects of the biology of turfgrass insects, keys to insects and keys to specific damage, ecology, population dynamics, biological control, application technics, thresholds.

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By controlling the high populations of leatherjackets in two experimental leys it was shown that the loss of grass from this pest could be heavy. The most serious loss occurs in early summer. As soon as the larvae cease feeding in mid...

Stars: 43 Updated: September 4th,2018

Autumn Treatments against Leatherjackets

Trials were carried out to assess the effectiveness of applying insecticides to leatherjackets in the autumn instead of the spring. The control exerted ...

Stars: 52 Updated: September 4th,2018

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