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Integrated antenna and trim component for an automotive vehicle

A vehicle antenna mounted on the surface of a molded interior trim part. The trim part is positioned above a windowsill level in the vehicle passenger compartment, the position of the antenna being in... embodiments, act as electronic...

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A dual-photopeak window method for scatter correction

5. King MA, Schwinger RB, Penney BC, Doherty ...MedicineANSWERSsecondNaurcylear wouldtuberlcyumlop...ucociliaryclearancecanactmoreeffectively sizeNumeDr...

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System and method for two-way remote activation with adaptive protocol

A system and method for remote activation of a device includes, in one embodiment, receiving a signal indicative of a range from the device, comparing the range to a threshold, selecting a first trans... and act on a command signal...

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Peer pressure may outwork food bans, study suggests

Comments on a study determining the role of peer pressure in promoting healthy food habits among schoolchildren in the U.S. Promotion of the sale of lower fat food; Citation of the inadequacy of banning junk food from cafeterias; Conc...

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African hot spot volcanism: small-scale convection in the upper mantle beneath cratons.

9. C. H. Lear, H. Elderfield, P. A. ...acteristics of intraplate volcanos on the ...5. S. D. King, D. L. Anderson, Earth ...

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Service-Learning and Forestry.

been rnade to Knprove Prams of vlear or opontons...Grant Foundation 19885. Trends in Service-Learning...National and Cmmunity Service Act ot 1900 Nauona...

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Identification of genes expressed in a human scleral cDNA library

5; SDC1) Transgelin (TAGLN) Fibulin 1 (FBLN1) Actinin, alpha 1 (ACT...Hu- man cochlear expressed sequence tags provide insight into co- chlear ...

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Unitary lens semiconductor device

A unitary lens semiconductor device and method. The unitary lens semiconductor device is provided with at least one semiconductor layer having a composition varying in the growth direction for unitari... act to redirect light rays out...

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