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Knitting of Fine Gauge Weft Mini Case Grain Shirt Fabric

The paper develops a new kind of fine gauge weft knitted shirt fabric on gauge 40 Fukuhara 2 +4double-bed machine by using 5.56 tex/72 f cationic dyed o...

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Yarn tests carried out to determine the processability of spun yarns on fine-gauge circular knitting machines

react-text: 116 It is well known within the plastics industry that foaming of polypropylene is a very challenging process. A new generation of polypropylene, offering improved processability, has been produced recently by using a meta...

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On the Gauge of Woolly Knitting (Part3)

On the Gauge of Woolly Knitting (Part3)Kitamura,SeikoNakashima,YoukoMiyazaki UniversityMemoirs of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education, Miyazaki University Natural science...

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Functional relation between the gauge of knitting machine and yarn count


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Correlation between the needle dimensions and the gauge of a knitting machine

Abstract The title relationship is examined for a circular knitting machine on the basis of nomograms and mathematical models.

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“Developments in Fine-GaugeKnitting”

“Developments in Fine-GaugeKnitting”doi:10.1080/19447013508662818Gopal, S. KELSEVIERReinforced Plastics...

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Yarn cutter for coarse gaugeknitting machine

A single-piece circular cutter element is supported for rotary and reciprocatory movement with the needle cylinder and has integrally formed teeth around its outer periphery. The lower surface of the circular cutter tapers inwardly an...

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Relation between Gauge of Knitting Machine and Yarn Count

Relation between Gauge of Knitting Machine and Yarn Countdoi:10.4188/transjtmsj1948.3.551Wazuro Itani...

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Determining the relationship between the loop length yarn linear density and machine gauge in hosiery knitting

Abstract The effect of loop length, linear density and machine gauge on the dimensional stability and comfort of socks is investigated. In the given case the optimum gauge is 8 at a linear density of 110 tex.

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お? In this paper,we analysed the yarn position when novelty yarn was knitted in flat knitting machine,then discussed how to select the suitable gauge a...

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